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Many site visitors wonder and ask why I do not have a Facebook presence. There are numerous reasons why I choose not to be a Facebook user, nor a supporter.

Firstly, Facebook smacks of being a gossip-mongering mediumand my site tries to avoid that kind of publishing. My site is NOT People Magazine, or Twitter, or Facebook. Just as you’re not likely to be interested in what I had for breakfast or my latest selfie, I am like-minded about yours. 

Secondly, when I created my website its basis was my philosophy of “life-long learning” and helping people with technology. As I grew older, and my site visitors aged along with me, I modified my publication so that it included more aspects to people’s lives than just learning technology. Technology still is a big part of my life and an important facet of my site. However, it is not the raison d’etre of the website and though there is some commentary, political and social, on the site, it is primarily dedicated to helping people with researched advice or searched information.

My website goal remains to assist and inform site visitors. The site is non-commercialized. With no company or commercial entity funding it, site visitors can rest assured the commentary is independent and remains dedicated to my philosophy of helping people. Any bias is wholly my own, stated sincerely and without intention of giving any offence to anyone. Being unfunded permits the site complete autonomy as to what it publishes or what it publishes about. The only restrictions that guide the site are site visitor interests and the acknowledged ethical and moral values of the community.

The site publishes and writes about whatever interests or benefits to site visitors and in that regard, I would ask for your help if you have any ideas which might improve the site for all visitors:

Do you have an idea or a suggestion that might benefit or improve the site? I would be most pleased to hear about it. Please email your idea for consideration. I promise to give it full consideration to evaluate how it may be incorporated into the improvement of my site and its goals.

Email me at zippyonego@gmail.com 


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