Feb 15 – more thoughts about Trump and his GOP cohort

Rotzy comments on American democracy, the American judicial structure and even reminisces about OJ Simpson…America the strong…as in smell ?

Readers Write
We’re getting more ‘mail’ at “F/N”HQ these days….and that’s FINE by me! Such as the following…. *Who woulda thought in this day and age we’d be smoking weed at a family gathering?….yet the ‘illegal’ part of it would be the actual ‘gathering’ itself rather than the dreaded weed! **If  ‘she’ll be riding six white horses when she comes’ she’s probably more woman than one cowboy can handle. ***My wife asked me why I was speaking so softly around the house? Told her I was afraid Mark Zuckerburg was listening. She laughed. I laughed. Alexa Laughed. Siri laughed.

Trumpsters Trial….
….is still a ‘go’ as I’m merrily clicking away on this week’s column (Sat 11:30AM) whilst Miz. Jo, runs a last minute check on ‘The “F/N” Department of American Modern Day Politics and other Unscrupulous Things’, going all over Trump’s impeachment trial ‘like a hen on a June bug’, has just brought Rotzy up to date on proceedings as at Saturday Noon. Tho ‘proceed’ might not be the best term in light of what just happened, much to the chagrin of Trump’s 2 or 3 lawyers. Yours tuly thought (hoped?) a verdict was gonna be forthcoming sometyme today. Well, ‘yours truly’ doesn’t know s–t from clay when we’re talking US politics. The Senate just voted to ‘call in witnesses’, so it seems like that’s what they’re gonna do. I/we know not whom, when, nor how many, as methinks they’re going on break until 12:30. Trump’s Number 1 ‘Suit’ had a major hissy-fit about the witnesses….guess he figured they were all done.

It’s Not Just Trump On Trial….
….ditto for the American Justice System….and right where laws are made. Well, this ‘show’ brings to mind a couple or so decades back and another Carnival-like atmosphere surrounded the trial involving one Orenthal James Simpson. Remember? And you recall Mr. Simpson’s lawyer Johnny Cochran yapping repeatedly ”if the mit don’t fit , you got to acquit”. Well, they did. Acquit. Remember? The part that scared Rotzy was that some people actually believed the verdict was right. Just as there will be those who say Trump did NOT incite the goons who tore the Capital apart January 6th. Really. Well, then Miz. Jo informs me that the Senate recess is almost over. Stay tuned.

It’s Now Sunday 3:30PM….
….and….due to ‘H/P Printer issues’, then serious ‘ASUS PC issues’ after running off Miz. Jo’s two daily (Mirror Eyes and L/A Times) Crossword Puzzles, yours truly is just now getting back to the “F/N” column” to which I’m normally hitting the Send Button between Noon and 1:00PM. Anyway, back to Sat, a tad past 12:30PM and the next words I hear from Miz. Jo are “they acquited him”. ‘They’ being the US Senate. I replied ”Oh, goodness me.” Or something like that. That is where the ‘similarity’ between the Simpson and Trump cases hit me. The ‘unbelieveability’ of it/them….altho the decisions were made differently….in Simpson’s case by a Judge, and in Trump’s case, by The Senate, in particularly/ostensibly by a political party (Republicans) other than SEVEN of it’s members….who ‘stood very tall’ yesterday as they left the building. Maybe not as tall as the black, lady Senator from the US Virgin Islands, altho still tall! Anyway, aside from ‘party loyalty’, ‘friendship’ and cetera, the senate vote to acquit showcased a couple BIG flaws in Republican Senators….A/ they have no balls (except for the ‘Group Of Seven’….and B/ there is an unwritten law in democratic govt’s in the US, Canada, everywhere that says ”never ‘bad-mouth’ the guy who helped get/got you where you are”, as in ‘being loyal’…..well folks, in the Home of The Brave ‘loyalty’ towards Donald Trump is seriously being confused with ‘outright fear’. Even tho he LOST the election and is not in office. Hence the Republican Senators are doing the CYA thing for their political survival. Cover your ass. Imagine.

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