Feb 17 – maladies, melodies and melancholy

Rotzy doesn’t whine, gripe or complain…but winter is wearin’ him down…Miz Jo, not so much

Readers Write….
….and this one in particular had a number of questions that needed (demanded?) answering….or so the particular reader seemed to think….none of which yours truly had/has an answer for. At least one that made a hint of sense. Such as ”How does one get off a ‘non-stop flight’ “? But I digress *(see below)….for some reason, there are tymes when some of the readership give Rotzy credit for being more intelligent than, in truth, I actually am. There’ve also been tymes when one of them will ask me ”So….SO….where did YOU learn to write like THAT”??!! Well, ‘THAT’ could take on any number of connotations, hence, if pressed on the issue/question, I oftentymes reply “Well, I didn’t spend 2 1/2 years at Brantford’s E. Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocation School for nothing! (adding) and under the intense tutelage of my wonderful English/Grammar/Literature teachers Miss Young and Mr Ross”! Into the world of Shakespeare, Dickens, Steinbeck and the likes. Well beyond Fun With Dick, Jane and Spot. But, I digress *(see above)….again. Back to the reader’s question regarding ‘non-stop flights’ and I find myself asking ”Why in the heck is the reader asking ME anything about planes?” (*I can only assume he means passenger jets, OK?) Well folks, Rotzy has flown on a jet ONCE, a DC-9 from T.O. to Orlando….TWICE if you count the return trip….a 747. That’s it. And it was on Wardair, which many/most of today’s passengers have never heard of. My flying ‘debut’ was in a Cesna 2-seater (circa 1965) and my last flight was 2001 as Miz. Jo and I took part (as media) in a ‘controlled forest burn’ approximately 30 miles S/W of Nakina, hovering between 500 and 1000 ft in a MNR Helicopter. Anyway, in my few flying experiences, the plane always did stop, but no one got on or off whilst we were in motion/moving….especially during the controlled burn. Ooops….almost forgot several flights between hospital in Geraldton and T Bay Regional…however, on each of those occasions I was ‘stabilized for transport’….pretty well ‘zonked’ on pain/relaxant meds so any number of people coulda come and gone. Hey, I’m gonna put this one back to readers….if YOU know the answer about non-stop flights, email us here at “F/N”HQ. Thanks.

Health Update….
….for Miz. Jo following her appt with Dr Sam Friday AM. I left her in his overcrowded waiting room and grabbed a seat up the hallway, had tyme whilst waiting for three puffs out in the lot….and after close to two hours, which included her 5 minute examination, apparently Dr Sam is pleased with his work, and the reason for the extra waiting tyme was because the Doc was ‘on call’ at the BGH, just across the street from his office, and he had to slip out a couple or three tymes. Anyway, we’re back there in two weeks to get the results of the biopsy taken during the surgery Feb 7th. Thanks again for your kind words.

”Is That All There Is”?
…Quoting Miss Peggy Lee’s ‘negatory’ Hit Parade tune from back in the 1960’s. Rotzy can’t remember many/most of the lyrics, so the other day here I was walking across the parking lot at 555 Harris Place enroute to the #58 spot, where Norm The Truck sat/sits, nary a speck of snow on him, not on the ashphalt, singing the two identical opening lines, over and over. No, I hadn’t/haven’t lost my mind. In truth I suppose I’m trying to get my pumpkin around the amazing difference between winter-Nakina-style and down here in the banana belt. Firstly let me say Miz. Jo and I ‘coping’ with the recent one and a half day ‘big freeze’ (and the panic button was pushed for the homeless) with temps down near the -20C mark while Nakina sat at -38C and a -50C w/chill. As to Nakina’s ‘homeless’…..I’ve never heard of any, at least not in winter. But back to Btfd….some years before Walter Gretzky flooded a rink for Wayne on Varadi Ave, Clare Rotz flooded the driveway at 59 Peel St for me and my bob-skates. And there were many community operated rinks in parks all over town….from early Dec into March. By the bye….TWC says +2C today and +4C tomorrow. Global warming? (I don’t believe I just said/wrote that!) You think??!!

Speaking Of Miz. Jo….
….and I was….we’re VERY pleased to be first to report that ‘Jo Bears’*tm are back into production once more, following an absence of several years. Actually, she saw an item and picture on Facebook*tm of a few ladies from #575 (the grey building next door to #555) who are knitting/assembling teddy bears for distribution to impoverished countries over in Africa. Bingo! Jo Bears*tm Inc. (also sometymes referred to as Care Bears*tm) is back in business. The idea first came to Jo Ann after we’d been in Nakina a while….in the early 2000’s….and she has knit (using a pattern from scratch) quite literally HUNDREDS of them, turning them over to various groups for handing out to kids. To EMS, Greenstone Victims Services (GVS) where ‘Jo’ became their ‘mascot’, Geraldton Dist Hosp, T Bay Regional Health and Sciences Centre (Pediatrics), OPP, North Of Superior, TH McKillip Clinic-Nakina and cetera. Word got around quickly and before long we had ‘the wool room’, full to overflowing with balls of yarn that people had donated….which helped maintain the ‘no-two-look-alike Bears theme’ she had maintained from the get-go, altho with that number of Jo Bears*tm, there surely must be a couple sets of twins somewhere up in Northern Ontario. This tyme she had the first couple knitted….from memory, without the pattern!!…. but not stuffed, so Rotzy was dispatched to Woolco to pick up a giant bag of stuffing, and as I write this, #’s 1 to 4 are sitting on the big chair beside me.. If you are wondering, ONE completed Jo Bear*tm rolls off the ‘assembly line’ per day….all in different colours from the one before it. Each one of them waiting for the chance to bring comfort to some little boy or girl who needs it….for whatever the reason.

*Thought Of The Day…Who knew what tyme it was when the first clock was made?

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