Feb 22 – Snowfalls fuzzify brain matter

Rotzy is as amazed at American politicians as we are. But we have similar thinking politicians here too…be reminded of Councillors Ashe and McLean, and ex Ontario finance minister, Rod Phillips…so wackiness among politicians is not restricted to the USA.

Better Late….
….than never. Got a P/R (press release) late last week here at “F/N”HQ from the giant toy maker Mattel*tm informing one and all that the latest edition of their Barbie Doll*tm is now available….aptly/fittingly named ‘Barbie 2020’*tm. Well, ‘2020’ is obviously a result/by-product of the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 Pandemium…nothing even remotely cute/pretty/good-looking about this Barbie*tm, who actually looks more like a ‘Babe’, a high-mileage unit whose warranty is long gone….in fact, picture Bette Davis from the 1960-something black and white thriller ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane’? Davis plays the part….and plays it very well, thank you….of Baby Jane Hudson, a washed-up vaudevillian child star trying to re-start her career, whilst being ‘VERY nasty’ to her invalid sister, played by Joan Crawford. That movie scared the s–t out of a 15-16yr old Rotzy, and it still does! What about ‘Ken 2020’*tm you ask? No Kenny. Don’t be surprised if ‘Babe’ poisoned him….or pushed him into the grinder at the dog food processing plant and now he’s 2 dozen cans of Ken-L-Ration (no pun intended). As far as parents getting a Barbie 2020*tm for their own little princess….maybe go with Wonder Woman?

Readers Write Stuff….
….and we had several responses to my Trumpsters Peachy Trial item in last week’s edition, such as the following note from Rick (not his real name)….this is what he wrote on the trial and the American Justice System*….”Hey Rotzy….you must’ve been holding your nose while writing that?! Moral….it’s not whether or not you’re guilty in the USA Judicial System. It’s how much BS your legal team can throw at the wall”! (well Rick, I don’t remember plugging my nose whilst typing, tho I DO recall mentioning that I had come dangerously close to tossing my cookies in mentioning the ‘no-cajones’ Rebublican Senators. And, if there was ANY doubt who had been #1 on the S–t List after the ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ vote, Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas (*see below) nailed it down but GOOD last week!! The Lone Star State was front page news all week for all the wrong reasons, as anything and everything that could go wrong with the weather did! Tornados and strong winds, tonnes of snow, rain, freezing temperatures prompted massive flooding, evacuations….no heat, hydro, water, foodstuffs, and cetera. Hard to pick the worst area, it was so widespread, but Houston likely tops the list. So, what does a Texan with a couple young kids who ‘don’t like the cold’ do in such a case scenario? They fly to Cancun, Mexico. Well, that’s exactly what Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas (*see above) did. Not that you MIGHT be needed to help out on the home front or anything like that, hey y’all?! Well, podner, altho Rotzy and a whole LOT of others are already fed up with Senator Ted, on top of all that Miz. Jo now tells me we have to put an asterisk (*) after his name….i.e. Senator Ted Cruz* (R) Texas. Because tho he’s ‘deep in the heart of Texas’….he is NOT a native Texan. In truth, Teddie was borne in Calgary, Alberta’! Imagine!! How in hell did yours truly miss that little tidbit??!! Whoa. Well, I guess the good news is that his American parents gave up on the Calgary Stampede/Stampeders and landed at The Alamo. Miz. Jo also said he was educated at Princeton and Harvard. Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that a man with degrees from two of the top universities on earth could be so stupid to pick last week to visit May-Hee-Co!!?? Clearly it’s not about lack of smarts….more about lack of cajones, e’ senor Ted?

More ‘Stuff’….
….at least the stuff that’s ‘printable’, if you get my drift….such as….*Exercise makes you look better naked. So does wine. Your choice. **Mirror, mirror on the wall, what the $#@& happened??!! ***Insanity doesn’t run in my family. It strolls through, taking it’s tyme, getting to know everybody personally. ****The sun doesn’t shine on the dog’s ass all the tyme….so when is it gonna start shining on MINE??

OutRAGEous !
‘Twas a fine week for those given to Road Rage, and for certain these sometymes vitriolic outbursts are much more common/numerous when 4 or 5 inches of snow lands in an area where THAT amount is considered a considerable dump….like here in Brant’s Ford….whereas they get considerably more 3/4 of an hour north and west of here. Rotzy came out about ‘even’ as to being the ‘rager’ or the ‘ragee’….tho my heart isn’t always in it, no matter if I’m taking it or handing it out….and the satisfaction/accomplishments you may gain are pretty damned seldom worth having a stroke or heart attack over, you think? Whilst talking about snow removal and the large dump we had here, I figured I’d let y’a’ll know that Skyline Living, our kindly ‘keepers’ here at the 555/535/575 Compound managed to pull off another FAIL, yet there was a blue sky/hope for future snows that they might be getting the hang of things…..when two days after it stopped snowing, someone came in with a large front-end loader and dump truck(s) to actually RE-MOVE the two mountain ranges the plows had piled 15 ft high and covered 6 or 7 parking spots. Next tyme, perhaps they’ll do it properly the first tyme. ***BULLETIN” Monday 6:00AM…..well, the ‘mountain ranges’ got hauled away two days after the ‘imperfect storm’ so that’s a T/U (thumbs up) for Skyline….and just MAYBE they’re starting to get the hang of it….but methinks we’ll just hold off on the high fives, cartwheels and cetera for the moment. Guess what? It’s 8:20 as I write this item, been ‘seriously’ snowing since 1:00 or 2:00AM and we’ve got a good 4 inches….and the only sign of snow plowing is John, the resident manager from 535 going around the sidewalks with the snow blower….in his shorts of course. Always. As to plowing the entrance(s)/driveways/parking lots and the rest of it…..stay tuned***.

*Thought of the day….It’s strange how drinking 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible, but 8 cups of coffee goes down like a chubby kid on a seesaw.

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