Feb 26

Olympics update, Trudeau’s haberdashery, and more from Nakina!

             Olympics And Stuff

As I’m writing this Sun at 9:00AM, CBC is doing a wrap-up of the Pyeong-chang Winter Games….from a Cdn perspective….and I believe the Closing Ceremonies will follow shortly after. It says here that the Koreans did a fine job overall, and all of the numerous venues were/are quite incredible. Of course for North Americans, when The Games are taking place on the other side of the world, that 17 hour tyme difference is a real killer for seeing events ‘Live’. Regardless, Miz. Jo and yours truly saw quite a bit of the action….’Live’ and Replays….and as always there was no shortage of coulda/woulda/shoulda. For starters, tho Ellen Degeneres doesn’t know Curling from Hurling, Canadians DO, alas both Men’s and Womens Curling were a MAJOR disappointment! We saved face with a Gold in the ‘new’ Mixed event. Hats off to the Cdn Mens Hockey Team for grabbing a Bronze. As to our Women Pucksters….there is NOTHING wrong with a Silver. There IS something wrong with not accepting/wearing the medal at the presentation, as one of the players did. (She later apologized, but it should’na happened.) You can’t win ALL the tyme….nobody can! Another not-so-proud-to-be-Canadian moment came late last week as a Coach and 2 or 3 athletes got a little drunk and ‘borrowed’ somebody’s Hummer RV. Hey, s–t happens, so Rotzy’s gonna look back at the dozens of skiers, skaters, sledders, boarders, and cetera who proudly wore the Red Maple Leaf for a couple weeks in February 2018….representing Canada….and doing things the rest of us can only dream about. Well done Team Canada!!!

            Nakina Winter Olympics

Korea isn’t the only place athletes gathered to compete in Winter Games. Nakina had our own version of the Olympics last week! Notre Dame Des Ecoles hosted the week long event, which included all their students, as well as those from St Brigids Catholic School and Nakina P.S. “F/N” made it to the school gym last Tues just in tyme to see the Official Opening Ceremonies where ALL students had been grouped into four teams, each of them marching around the entire gym, each with their own (student-made) flag, and each ending up doing their own cheer!! Right under an impressive Olympic Flame while a number of spectators looked on and cheered. Things moved outdoors Thurs aft in the wonderful sunshine for the ‘Luge’ (one boy or girl sledding, lying on their back, looking up at the clear blue). And clearly, the objective was participation by all of the kids. I hope to catch the Closing Ceremonies tomorrow (Mon). Tres bien! A great job by all concerned!!

            The COTW

The ‘Centre Of The World’ is how a couple readers oft refer to Brantford, Ontario. Well, Bantford became the ‘centre of attention’ on most Ont/Can newscasts last week after a State Of Emergency was called by the Mayor as the Grand River overflowed its’ banks and dykes in the worst flooding there since May 1974! Rotzy was born and raised in Brantford, and altho I moved to Peterboro in 1973, and don’t have ‘family’ there any more, I still have a good number of friends who call The Telephone City ‘home’. Also, 33 Foster St and the area where the (former) Rotz family home sits, was in a ‘mandatory evacuation’ zone. It seems they are just about the same as we were back when I lived there as very few, if any, actually took the mayor’s advice. Actually I had a friend check out the house, and it avoided the flood, but the same thing can’t be said for the entire city….so this is to let you know that an old Brantfordian is thinking of you!!

            Who Will He Be Today?(*see below)

That was the question asked in an email I got last week here at “F/N”HQ….and I gotta say ”It REALLY cracked me up…..BIG TYME!!!” An almost ‘outta the chair’ belly laugh! Under the question ”Who will he be today?” came the brighty coloured heading ”Mr Dressup”….looking the same as it had for that popular Kids TV Show Host from long ago. But Mr Dressup was nowhere to be seen….instead there were EIGHT different pictures of Justin Trudeau, each of them showing our Prime Minister with a distinctly different ‘look’. Including an Indian Chief sporting an elaborate headdress; a fireman/first responder wearing appropriate protective clothing; one in Sikh clothing and one wearing Arab-style garb; a stylish Swordsman….I can’t remember their names but perhaps he’s one of the Three Musketeers; an officer from the Canadian Army…..I’m guessing WW I…and his ridiculous ‘stick-on’ moustache definitely looks like Charlie Chaplin. But hey, Rotzy could be all wet on that one…..perhaps it’s from WW II?….the soldier he’s portraying is German?….and the ‘stache’ in fact belongs to Adolph Hitler?? Too funny, just too funny!!! Amazingly, NONE of these photos were ‘selfies’!! So…like it says (*see above) “Who will he be today”? After his ‘faux pas’….that’s French for ‘screw up’….in India last week, where he actually invited a convicted anti-India terrorist to an official government/VIP function(!!) I somewhat expect his own people are calling him ‘Mr Embarassment’ these days, you think? What a guy. And he’s all ours!

            Rocky’s Gone!!!

For those who’ve been following Jo Ann’s facebook*tm saga and pictures of Rocky Racoon, he doesn’t live here anymore. The over-size rat with the striped tail and the cute, masked face who has been ‘occupying’ our #1 bird feeder for the last week at nights as well as some afternoons has departed. About the middle of last week, and getting tired of folks asking ”is he still there?”, I pretty well gave up on trying to scare him away from “F/N”/HQ and even thought about keeping him around as a pet….but since Rocky wasn’t/isn’t a dog or cat, would I need to get a special ‘tag’ for him? And what about ‘shots’? No, not THOSE ‘shots’….I mean needles at the Vet. Anyway, to quote Buddy Holly, ”I guess it doesn’t matter anymore”. Because he’s blown this pop stand! Vamoosed! Splitsville! Hit the road! Outta here! Hey….I could say I’m missing him terribly, but that would be a lie, and in truth I’m ‘coping with his absence’ quite nicely, thank you.

*Thought Of The Day:
Do woodpeckers give themselves brain damage? Do they get headaches? (Nat. Audubon Society)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.

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