FEDERAL PARTIES’ Policies relating to SENIORS

Some of the legislation, policies and promises from the Liberals.
1. Restored age of eligibility for Old Age Security (OAS) to 65
2. Increased Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) by 10 percent
3. Increased allowable income recipients can earn before GIS is clawed back
4. Worked with the provinces to expand CPP to increase standard of living for future retirees
5. Started the ball rolling on National Seniors Strategy
6. Secured $50 million for National Dementia Strategy
7. Appointed a Minister for Seniors
8. Secured $60 million in funding for New Horizons Senior Program, which provides grants to projects that empower seniors in their communities
9. Created the Canada Caregiver Credit, a non-refundable tax credit that applies to caregivers whether they live with their family member
10. Instituted a new code of conduct for how financial institutions server seniors
11. Expanded EI so that it now includes support for those caring for critically ill loved ones, as well as those who are terminally ill
12. Invested $6 billion over 10 years to help provinces fund home care improvements
13. Introduced pension and insolvency protection legislation to stop CEOs from taking benefits or divesting from bankrupt companies
14. Created the Canadian Drug Agency to lay out plans for a national drug plan. The CDA reported back with a plan that the Liberals may or may not adopt
15. Instituted automatic enrolment for Canadians over the age of 70 who have not applied for the Canadian Pension Plan

Scheer has given hints through various speeches and news clips that he would work on the following policies:
1. Scheer has repeatedly campaigned that “Job #1 is to repeal the federal carbon tax,” to reduce the cost of gasoline, groceries and home heating
2. To reduce costs for those seniors living on a fixed income, Scheer has promised to remove the GST from home heating and energy bills
3. Make life more affordable for older Canadians by cutting taxes, not implementing expensive social programs
4. While opposing a national pharmacare plan, Scheer is on record as saying he would address gaps in drug coverage by extending it to the “small percentage people” who aren’t already covered
5. The Conservatives will support and empower older Canadians to make their own financial choices
6. An empowered Minister of Seniors will be at the Cabinet table from day one to ensure that seniors are listened to and that their concerns are top of mind when government decisions are being made
7. Continue to explore new ways to give Canadians more flexibility for saving and retirement planning
8. Incentivize Canadians to start building their retirement portfolio at an earlier age, so we don’t outlive our savings
9. Look at ways to help seniors living on fixed incomes to cover out-of-pocket costs on medical supplies and specialized dietary needs not covered by provincial plans
10. Make it easier for older Canadians to re-enter the workforce by exploring ways to remove barriers in how the CPP and EI premiums are structured
11. Work with the provinces to improve access to palliative care for Canadians
12. Monitor inflation so that it does not erode seniors’ quality of living
13. Set GIS and OAS increases to reflect the true cost of living for seniors

The NDP released their policy proposals in June, A New Deal for the People.

  1. A National Seniors Strategy will work with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous governments to make seniors health care a priority, reduce isolation and tackle seniors’ poverty.
  2. A National Dementia Strategy and an elder abuse prevention plan developed with seniors to put an end to abuse and neglect in our communities
  3. A national, universal, public plan to provide prescription medicine to all seniors
  4. Make the Canada Caregiver Tax Credit refundable
  5. Tackle seniors’ isolation by working with cities to make transit more affordable and convenient, create more community recreation spaces and support innovative housing solutions like intergenerational co-housing
  6. Put pensioners at the front of the line when a company goes bankrupt, and make sure unfunded pension liabilities owed to workers and employees’ severance pay are the top priority for repayment
  7. Create half a million affordable housing units that will include accessible housing that will increase choices for seniors
  8. Strengthen public health care – and expand it to make sure everyone is covered for the care they need to get and stay healthier longer
  9. Develop national care standards for home care and long-term care that will be amended into the Canada Health Act
  10. Tackle wait times and improve access to primary care across the country
  11. Include dental care in the Canada Health Act.
  12. Make mental health care available at not cost for people who need it, and everyone should be able to get regular eye care and hearing care

The Green Party proposals are as follows:

  1. Pension reforms must be built upon the system that will best create decent pensions that will keep the elderly out of poverty, require minimum additional contributions, and have low administrative and investment costs
  2. Enhance CPP so it replaces 50 percent of income rather the current 25 percent. This would reduce the reliance on GIS to keep the elderly our of poverty and reduce the cost of GIS to the federal government by billions annually
  3. Ensure corporate pension plans protect employee benefits as secured creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  4. Require that all corporate pension plans be audited to ensure that they are adequately funded and properly managed, and set a policy directive to take corrective action if they are not
  5. Resist the shift to voluntary defined contribution plans with inefficient and expensive fees for a myriad of market driven plans
  6. Improve support for mental health and palliative care, and the need to combat ageism, abuse and neglect
  7. Create age-friendly communities, where housing and transportation needs are met
  8. Review workplace policies to end mandatory retirement and provide for flexible retirement benefits for those seniors who want to continue working
  9. Develop a National Home Care Policy that incorporates and improves upon existing policies affecting eldercare
  10. Help develop national guidelines for care of the frail elderly who have special needs and require care by geriatric specialists
  11. Ensure that citizens and law enforcement officials recognize elder abuse, prevent it where possible, and proceed with appropriate charges and consequences when elder abuse has occurred
  12. Establish a program to provide grants to non-profit societies setting up palliative care hospices

The People’s Party has not published a specific senior’s strategy. This is a list of some financial promises it has made relating to seniors.

  1. Abolishing capital gains tax
  2. Abolishing federal tax on the first $15,000 earned
  3. Cutting federal tax to 15 per cent on income between $15,001 and $100,000
  4. Imposing a 25 per cent tax rate on income above $100,000



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