FINAL CAMPAIGN MESSAGE from local candidates

The FOUR candidates campaigning in the PICKERING-UXBRIDGE riding were asked “What would like to say to the voters of this specific riding in these last days of the campaign?”

We thank each candidate who responded.

Their replies are shown below.

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“Vote by your conscience, principles, beliefs and values. Vote for a better Canada and vote for the people who can best represent you and your aspirations.”

Best regards,
Corneliu Chisu




“Your vote counts! The forecast is for a minority government and we’ll need Greens to hold the major parties accountable. Vote with optimism for the people and action plans you WANT, and don’t “vote strategically” out of fear. Otherwise we’ll get more of the same old-line party politics.

Greens votes matter for Ethical Leadership, Real Climate Action, National Pharmacare, Transition to a Green Economy, Liveable Income, and Electoral Reform.”

Thank you,
Peter Forint



With 6 days left in this campaign Eileen and Jagmeet need all the help and support you can give, to move forward with the momentum that Jagmeet has given us.

I urge all voters to make a clear and informed choice on October 21.

The fight to save the Planet is real. 

The need for affordable housing is urgent.

The benefits of a National Health Care program that includes Medication, Dental, Eye, and Ear care will improve and move the lives of all Canadians now and over the next 10 years.

On October 21st elect Eileen Higdon your MP for Pickering Uxbridge.

Thank you.
Eileen Higdon






Pickering is where I’ve had the privilege of growing up, and where I am proud to live today. I’ve served my community since 2006 as a City Councillor, Regional Councillor, Deputy Mayor and as the Member of Parliament for Pickering-Uxbridge and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance.

Throughout my time in office, I’ve had the privilege of working on the issues that matter to our community. The sidewalks I walked on to get to school were the same ones I pushed to improve on Council. Our natural environment and the parks I enjoyed playing in as a child are the same ones I am now fighting every day to protect.

I’ve always believed that politics can be a force for good.

As your Member of Parliament, I’ve worked to bring well over $200 million in investments directly into our community. These investments mean that if you commute to Toronto for work or school, we’ve increased the frequency of bus service on the 900 line, and are helping increase the amount of trains that will take you to Union Station.

If you are a student in need of employment during your summer break, these investments mean thousands of stable jobs right here in our community.

And if you’re a parent, you’re getting significantly more money for groceries, hockey equipment or school supplies because of our more generous and tax-free Canada Child Benefit.

Pickering and Uxbridge are amazing communities to live in. I’m running for
re-election this October because I want to help the people here realize their full potential. Over the past four years, we have made tremendous progress. Over 1 million jobs created, 300,000 children lifted out of poverty, and a bold, ambitious plan to fight against climate change.

These are the issues I care about. They are what is at stake during this election. But there is more work to be done, and I’m excited at the chance to continue fighting for you. 

Jennifer O’Connell




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