FOR SALE: ReMarkable

For Sale, $20 (used reMarkable )
regular price $400.

The reMarkable is the only digital device that feels like paper. A tool for note-taking, reading and reviewing documents.

No social media, e-mail or notifications. No distractions, just you and your thoughts.

For Sale $20 (regular $400)

reMarkable is the first digital device that gives you a pen-to-paper note-taking experience.

This is a notemaking device, a notebook that is endless in the pages on which you can write notes. An excellent device for writing notes and keeping track of all that you do.

Digital notemaking, the best way
If you have many notes, record a lot of information, or simply log much of what you do, a digital device is the best and most efficient method to use. You can find your information very readily; your storage capacity is near endless; its portability is very convenient, where you have WiFi, you have your notes.

The alternative to reMarkable, $40
The iPad Pro with Pencil 2 and the Notability app is a very good alternative to the reMarkable but at a cost approaching $1000, it is a very expensive one.

The reMarkable is an inexpensive alternative that does the notemaking job for effectively, efficiently and productively.

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Read the full details about the reMarkable at  DETAILS

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