Former CEO gone, 4 months


Tanya Sinclair was selected as the new Pickering Public Library CEO. Her time in such an important position was incredibly short, 4 months.

I met with Ms. Sinclair at a business lunch in April. The storm must have been brewing behind the scenes even at that time. Our meeting was very pleasant. She laid out her future goals for the library, how she saw it growing and becoming even more inclusive and she was very positive about her comments, goals and ideas regarding book clubs. As spokesman for the G.A.L. Book Club and as an executive of the Association of Pickering Public Library book clubs, I was especially attentive to her comments relating to the clubs. Ms. Sinclair was optimistic and very positive about the further development of the four book clubs associated with the library. Her optimism and positiveness shone through like a beacon after the library missteps a year ago with the book clubs.

Ms. Sinclair is the epitome of women in management roles today, intelligent, articulate and organized but something didn’t fit. Either the library or she did not see the fit working out as had been anticipated. The library would have benefitted tremendously with her term in office. A woman, a parent, an Afro Canadian were icing on her cake.

Strangely, the story is under tight wraps and no one seems willing to talk about it or they just don’t know the details. The premature departure cannot be credited to politics as she is at the top of that food chain. There has to be another angle. Taking a positive and optimistic stance, I believe Ms. Sinclair got a better offer elsewhere, an offer which could not be refused and she took it. We will have to watch this story as it will unfold more in the not too distant future. But for now, it’s all hush hush at the Pickering Public Library.


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