From NAKINA...: April 1

Rotzy’s lookin’ to get a diploma and joint the ranks of the “mortar boarded.” Go for it Rotzy!

Once he gets the creditation, Rotzy’s commentaries, pieces and opinions are going to be elevated to a higher level of erudition…oh my !

Miz. Jo Answered The Fone….

….Thursday around noon, obviously a ‘one-way conversation’ from the other end, that lasted maybe a minute. She hung up and said ”a planned hydro outage Sunday, from 10:00AM to 3:30PM”, answering my ‘who was that?’ question before I asked it. Instead, I said ‘WHICH Sunday’, to which she replied ‘THIS Sunday’. Less than 72 hours notice this tyme! tho Hydro (N)One usually gives us 2 or 3 weeks notice. From what I picked up later on CFNO News, all of this vast Municipality of Greenstone will be darkened and it sounded/sounds like something ‘broke’ somewhere and needs fixing. No big deal here….it’s wise not to plan a ‘slow-cooker meal’ during planned outages….which we already have done….and writing my “F/N” column Saturday AM rather than Sunday morning, which is what I am in the process of doing at the moment. Oh yes, I made myself a note to remind me to get a fire going in the wood stove tomorrow about 9:00. …and thaw the frozen pre-cooked ribs so they’ll be ready to go in the oven at 5:30. Yes, I have faith in Hydro (N)One to keep to THEIR schedule!

Pipe Dreams (*see below)

After making contact with Contact North early last week it was looking like the olde guy was actually gonna get the opportunity to get my Grade 12 Diploma. A fone call and a couple back and forth emails were ‘encouraging’. One of my requirements was for me to obtain a ‘transcript’ of my results of having attended Pauline Johnson Collegiate Vocational School in Brantford from 1959 to 1962, having left school in Grade 10. Anyway, given the tyme frame, I was wondering if MY info may have been written with a quill on a parchment scroll, but the secretary at PJCVS sounded ‘positive’ on the fone. She advised me they only keep students records at the school for ten years, but she was ‘sure the Grand/Erie Board would have them’. Wrong. No record of Robert Francis Rotz being there. Zilch. The Invisible Man/Child? Hey, I was kinda shy and quiet as a kid, but I DID go there! For 2 and 2/3 years. I KNOW I did!! Played Junior Football in 1960. Anyway, I wasn’t hearing opening and closing of metal file drawers, so I’m guessing it’s all stored in their computer. But not me. Rats!! She then suggested I pull up some sort of ‘request form’ (I’m NOT good at that kinda s–t), fill it in, send it there with $24.00 and she was ‘sure something would turn up’. No thanks M’am, but thanks for your tyme. Damn pipe dreams. (*see above)

Readers Write

And this one showed Rotzy a new-to-me word….’Neologisms’. You too? Well, it’s the ‘coining of new words’. (from ‘old words’) Here’s some examples….with their ‘new meanings’: 1/ Coffee…the person upon whom one coughs. 2/ Flabbergasted…Amazed over how much weight you’ve gained. 3/Abdicate…to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. 4/ Esplanade…to attempt an explanation while drunk. 5/ Willy-Nilly…impotent. 6/ Lymph…to walk with a lisp. 7/ Gargoyle…olive-flavoured mouthwash. 8/ Frisbeetarianism…the belief that, when you die, your soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there. If y’all have any other ‘neologisms’, send them in so we can share ’em. (and thx pj)

The ‘New Guy’….

….who Ontario Conservatives selected as their new leader caught yours truly’s attention a week and a bit ago, when he, somewhat out of the blue….no pun intended….decided The Ring Of Fire was gonna be at or near the top of his To-Do List…when ”HE is Premier”. Fordo did a pop-in to Thunder Bay just prior to the vote, but I rather doubt he’s ever been near The Big Turnip before that. He’s also learning that with most Ontario Road Maps, you have to turn it over to find where the Ring Of Fire’s located. Surprise eh, Doug. So he’s dragging Vic Fedeli (a PC MPP who knows The North better than Dougie does) around with him these days. Anyway, last week Ford was telling anybody who cared to listen, that if HE was the premier, he’d ”bring in the dozers”. Right now!! from what I picked up on it. That surely went over like a lead balloon with any First Nations who might have been listening. Hello, Doug??!! ‘Consultation and Reconciliation’. You ever heard of Cliffs Inc???

Readers Write #2

This one sent a short note accompanying an article. Rotzy read it, made mental notes, then deleted it. Now I’m having a brain fart and can’t recall if it was from the National Post or the Toronto Star….but no matter as both are big/respectable publications….nor are the names of any real importance, of the Premiers and/or what Province they represent. Bottom line is that six Provincial Premiers are ‘hated’ by the very people they represent. Not just ‘disliked’ but ‘hated’. SIX of them!! And get this! I know not what type/style of scoring is used to come up with the final numbers these particular Polls use, but the Canadians scores were worse than Donald Trump. Apparently,Trump set/holds the record for those kind of ‘Hate Polls’. Well I don’t know whether to say ‘congratulations’ or ‘sorry ’bout that’?? Just in case you were wondering, the Ontario Premier tops the list of six. Further to that, a ‘different poll’ I heard Friday….methinks it was on CFNO….reported that Doug Ford is ahead of Kathleen Wynne in ‘popularity’. Now THAT, to my thinking, could be a scary thing, as do all things connected to the Doug Ford Circus. But given Ms Wynne’s ‘popularity’, it’s NOT tyme to ‘send in the clowns’. Yet.

*Thought Of The Day…A hand-held sign outside The White House….”I’ve seen better cabinets at IKEA”. (*Hello? They’re all afraid of being fired!)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.

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