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Fermo, the Italian named Scottie

My name’s Fermo, which means ‘stop’ in Italian. One of my masters is Italian and she named me by accident. When her partner getting a dog and asked about naming it, her imagination saw a small dog dashing around her mind’s eye. She responded saying, “Fermo, fermo,” and the name was born.

Fermo’s a Scottish terrier. For dog owners, no need for more explanation; for “non-terrier ” owners, need for tons more.

Terriers are endless chapters of excitement and discovery. A Scottish terrier kicks it up a few notes. Fermo, a full symphony.

Mules take obstinacy lessons from Scottish terriers. Fermo could be the head instructor. Every command is questioned and second guessed. “Do I have to? Why? Not sure I want to. Let me think about it,” are his normal reactions, and never just one, but all of them with added bonuses, for good measure. The end result, if he chooses to obey, is as slow a response as a snail climbing a mountain after a buffet of lettuce and leaves.

Some people might think Fermo doesn’t understand….hah…say the word ‘comb’ to him. His alert response is triggered instantaneously as he scampers away. Terriers have minds of their own, a Scottie even more so. Every action is weighed on the scales of “Does this work for me?” and “Is this really necessary?”

However, two commands get near instant response from Fermo:walk” and “car.” Any directive that includes one of those words pushes him into high alert mode immediately. “OK, ” the perked up ears confirm his thinking,“When? Now? Let’s go! I’m ready!

Another key word in this Scottish terrier’s lexicon of ‘High alert’ words is “cookie.” A command with the ‘cookie’ supplement affects Fermo instantly and he goes deaf to further directives. He’s immediately afflicted by ADD (additional dog distraction) unable to focus on anything else. Pavlov rang bells, Fermo devours ‘cookies.’

Some people question Fermo’s intelligence…hah…you should hear about his teeth brushing but that’s for another time.

Till next time….

Fermo barking off here.

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