Happy Canada way, warts and all

Happy Canada way!

Canada has some flaws, some blemishes but we are still the greatest country in which to live in the world.

Many blemishes
Systemic racism in many institutions: from the RCMP to government civil servants;  police forces with bad apples who abuse their authoritative power; retirement homes with incredible mortality rates; prisons with growing numbers, particularly of minority group offenders; rising numbers of homeless people who need mental health care more than shelters; increasing numbers of food bank users while there is unimaginable food wasted elsewhere; legislators passing laws that benefit select groups; lack of accountability in government and social services. The blemish list appears endless and seems to continuously grow rather than diminish.

Canada: a country of great freedoms
There are so many things which make living in this country great. Freedom to move, travel or re-locate. Freedom to associate with whoever be it a religious group, a particular sexual orientation, or a political bond. Freedom to pursue whatever limited by personal motivation, drive and determination. Freedom to vote for whoever we prefer and to criticize those with whom we disagree. Freedom to disagree, freedom to protest, freedom to publically criticize even our governments.

Canada: a country of great beauty
It’s a beautiful country from sea to sea to sea, a beauty that transcends any piece of art in any museum. It’s a beauty demonstrated by people in every region: Gander and the 9-11 flights, Vancouver and the opioid crisis, health care workers everywhere. It’s a beauty seen in every city, town, village and rural region, regardless of size, each proud that they are places where people want to live. It’s a beauty that welcomes immigrants, to immigrate here, to live here and to be able to find help to integrate with our citizens who have developed deep roots here already. It’s a beauty that surpasses other countries beyond description. Canada is a beautiful country in which to live.

Canada: a country always getting better
We have flaws, warts, and blemishes but we recognize them, openly criticize them and try to correct whatever we can to improve life. We acknowledge that life isn’t perfect, that many things need attention, improvement or need change. And we’re working on them. Our politicians are principled and ethical, working hard to make Canadian living better. Our social and economic leaders are tireless working diligently for the same goals as our best politicians.

More than ‘as good as it gets’
Canada may not be paradise. It may not be perfect but in this world of tragedies, maladies, flaws and shortcomings, Canada is still greater than any other country in the world.



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