Happy Victoria Day…..

Pouring rain and 12C….lovely.

Readers Write
    And here are some more samples of COVID-related/non-COVID-related stuff landing in the “F/N” inbound email box these days. Check ’em out:

  1.  It really sucks that Coronavirus hit during the allergy season. The way I’m feeling I can’t tell if I have 5 days to live or I just need to take a Claritin.
  2. I saw a flying saucer today. It appeared right after the cup my wife threw at me.
  3. I just found out there’s no popcorn in popcorn shrimp. Guess there’s no reason to try pot roast, eh?
  4. A pic of a large cardboard sign atop a rather beat-up-looking piece of wooden furniture on the side of a gravel road, which read…. *Free….One nightstand*.

On A Personal Note….
….this ayem, I figured it was tyme for a weigh-in, so I stepped on our fancy, ultra high tech, (very expensive) bathroom scales that actually ‘tell’ you your correct weight…apparently within one ounce….and he said ”please use ‘social’ distancing, one person at a time”. Well, you know Rotzy’s feelings about ‘social’ distancing, that it’s a crock, and the proper term is ‘physical’ distancing. I told Mr Scale that and asked what he’d think about yours truly ‘physically distancing’ me from him by cutting him loose from our 3rd floor balcony onto the cement walk?! But it seemed the cat got his tongue.

Counting Days
As this portion of “From Nakina” is being written Sat May 16th, we’re down to two more sleeps until Miz. Jo becomes an octogenarian. 80. Wow! That is pretty olde, ya think? Rotzy’s only just turned 75, hence I can only imagine. But it’s true that little Jo Ann Rutherford came into the world on May 18 1940 at the American Red Cross Hospital in Nakina ON…the building still stands and is owned by Pennocks Tourist Service (PTS) to accommodate anglers and hunters. Anyway, seeing as restaurants are still closed, Chef Robert is going to put together a ‘deluxe surf and turf dinner’, right here in Unit #303, featuring lobster tails, tenderloin steak, Hoppie/baked potatoes and cetera. By the bye, if anyone wants to do the ‘best wishes thingy’….before the 18th….or belated for that matter, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, right?……but you can send her money if you want.

What’s Going On??
There’s some stuff happening here lately….you know, the whispering, the kibbitzing, the ‘looks’….the ‘he said/she said’ rumours. Yours truly has written briefly about the paranoia (*see below), altho it’s gonna become much more commonplace as the days/weeks/months go by. And this last week in particular, it’s very clear/obvious that Skyline Living, owners of the three buildings here in this complex, are starting to tighten down the (OVID) screws. ‘Gatherings’ that they aren’t happy with the ‘spacing’….call it/them what you want, physical or social. Also, apparently they have cancelled our ‘community garden’, where Rotzy was one of the ‘gardeners’ who grew our own veggies.  We’re now wondering if the singing of O Canada, to honour our first responders, might get chopped?….along with Miz. Jo’s and my pumpkins plus the anthem, as it was our idea in the first place a month ago. Sundays at 12:00 Noon and Rotzy’s written about it in this space. So….SO….I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, surely to hell they wouldn’t put the kibosh on singing our NATIONAL ANTHEM!!! Or would they? No question there were more than 5 people gathered last week….jeez….didn’t you say 20-something”?! Hey….tell ya what, I’ll try to ‘kibbitz’ some info outta somebody this aft, and catch y’all up tomorrow (Sun) ayem, OK? (Sun 10:00AM….OK….Stay tuned)

More On The ‘P’ Word (*see above)
    It says here that ‘paranoia’ is going to be the new norm….the new name of the game, from here on. Tho it will be anything but. A game. And it is neither funn nor funny. You can see it on their faces as they line up at the grocery store, gas station, etc. to gain entry. And, you won’t mistake it in their eyes if they are among the 60% of Canucks who’ve gone to some sort of mask/face cover-up. Some to the extreme, like the person (a woman methinks) I saw whilst lined up at The In And Out Store Sat….wrapped up[ in white cheesecloth from the base of her neck to the top of her head….not unlike a mummy….and when she came out of the store it had come undone and was all askew. Or maybe she had wanted to breathe (*see below). Whatever.

So….SO….”From Nakina” has broken down Canada’s reaction to COVID-19 as follows into THREE groups, just to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Team A
    ….as in acceptance of what’s going on, living within the rules/laws and trying to help fix things….with as few signs of paranoia as possible.

  • Team B
    ….as in Boisterous/Borderline Beligerent. These people KNOW this whole thing is either an exagerration, an untruth, and/or a deliberate lie/hoax, tho sometymes they have a miracle cure! They are NOT paranoid….AND….they will tell you.

  • Team C
    …..you likely thought yours truly was gonna say ‘as in Crazy’, right? Well, they’re not. They are only ‘Borderline Crazy’, yet they have taken ‘Paranoia’ to levels never previously thought possible. They often/usually live in a ‘cocoon of fear’ 24/7. Anyway, when I’m out and about shopping, I have zero problems when I happen on anyone from Team A….hell, we can even converse! Team B members pose no problems because whatever they are raving on about comes in one ear and exits via the other. Hence Team C….is clearly the biggest ‘challenge’. No doubt because of ‘wannabe mummies’ and cetera. And I assure you that it’s not my imagination that after perhaps engaging in a little conversation with a Team C member I get looked/stared/glared at like I have s–t on the end of my nose. Another ‘whatever’. It is what it is. And as I glance into the “F/N” crystal ball, with a big effort to be more realistic than pessimistic, ‘what it is’ is here for a long tyme, not a good tyme. And if, for whatever reason, YOU haven’t decided which team YOU want to be on, Team A might be the best choice….ya think? Stay Safe. Stay healthy.

*Thought Of The Day
*2019….Stay away from ‘negative’ people.
*2020….Stay away from ‘positive’ people.  
(*think about it)


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