BRUNO's ramblings...: Has spring sprung?

Spring has sprung.”

All the signs are there and people will be making appropriate changes this month.

Here’s what’s up according to Bruno:

Daylight savings begins on Sunday, March 11, so “spring ahead”. Set your clocks, watches, TV’s, coffee makers, microwaves, car clocks, and any other device you can find with a clock.

St Patty’s Day is coming and everything will be turning green. From beer to milkshakes and beyond.

I have my green hat ready and my green bow tie. My wife will be making green cupcakes for a potluck dinner party we will be going to that evening. A touch of the blarney will probably be sprinkled all over. Happy St Patty’s Day everyone.

Good Friday falls at the end of this month, with Easter Sunday on April 1. And, No, this is not an April fool’s day joke.



Many will be attending their churches for the celebrations. Some communities will be having parades, Easter egg hunts and Easter bonnet shows and contests for both children and adults (kids at heart). Find one in your community, or visit other communities for adventures. I do know that Port Perry has all of the above.

Spring has sprung,
The grass has ris’.
It’s that time of year,
It is.

Spring cleaning will be going on around the neighbourhoods, as long as the weather stays agreeable. While writing this, it is the end of February and the weather feels more like the end of March or early April. I would not be surprised if some of Mother Nature’s flora awakens early and appears in this world.


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