(PART 5 of 6 ) Have you been breached?

Has your email been breached ( put at risk )?

“Breached” means you have visited a site on the Internet and that company has been hacked exposing a portion of its subscribers to fraudsters. Some very big companies have been hacked: Desjardin, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Canva, even the major credit status companies, Teleunion and Equifax.

Hackers have broken into the company’s database and copied data. The data may be confidential information such as SIN numbers, biographical information, banking information and or, most important of all, passwords. For this reason, it is crucial to subscribe and use password security services such as LASTPASS.

You should feel the phone call is suspicious, if the caller is aggressive, makes the issue sound “URGENT.” If the caller makes it feel as if there is great URGENCY with the call,

  1. HANG UP

  2. Tell the caller, you will deal with the matter TOMORROW

  3. Go to the actual source company yourself, for example, call the police yourself, or call the government agency yourself using valid phone numbers which you know are authentic.
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