How Richard works…

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How I work

I am a website creator and a blogger. My website created about 8 years ago is (Books, Cooks, Nooks…helping you) and is dedicated to assisting older people with researched articles and advice.

My office devices
Computer:            OS Win 10 with multiple hard drives
Cloud tools:          Onedrive, Gdrive, Multcloud
Accessory devices: iPad, iPad Pro
Browsers:              Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge

My work processes ( also see Personal work processes below )
I have worked with computer software for many years, some would label me an expert but I would prefer to think of myself as an experienced user.

          OS Win 10
          Wide 29” monitor 
          MS OFFICE purchased license
          Google Chrome (free)
          Google Chrome extension … essential (SimpleExtManager)

iPad Pro
          Apps used extensively
                   Notability: outstanding note maker, expensive

Personal work processes:
I use my iPad and my Desktop computer interchangeably, depending on where I am and the project I am working on. My iPad is for lighter, less intense work while the DESKTOP is for heavy lifting such as my website or serious writing.

Most useful tools
          Chrome extensions
                   Anyone who wants to use computers seriously and extensively should learn how to use Google Chrome extensions. They are mini-apps designed for specific tasks. My favourite ones are Speed dial2, LastPass, Grammarly and SimpleExtManager though I use many more.

          Notability app on iPad
                   When I use my iPad, I use a note making app called Notability as it works as almost like old fashioned paper/writing pad and pencil.                      Using the Apple Pencil2, I can write on a “writing pad” that scrolls like a roll of toilet paper.
                   The versatility and sophistication of this app is amazing, much like using a paper and pencil but with digital options that make it really powerful: saving, copying, pasting, searching, drawing and re-positioning anything with great ease. It is a tool that grows more and more valuable and useful the more one uses it.

                   Post-it notes have always been useful tools in my work. Notezilla is a Post-it notes app for electronic devices, quick, efficient, searchable, and the capability of pasting notes to almost any window
                   Windows sites to Gmail messages.
                   Once you start using Notezilla, you will wonder how you worked
                   without it.

                   For a free 90 day trial click on this link:
                             Notezilla trial version

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