So, sue me !

The USA has more than a million lawyers, most of whom are in California, Texas and Florida.

To be more accurate, more than 1,315,000 practising lawyers. California has more than twice as many lawyers as the next lawyer-rich state, Texas. Florida is third, in the number of lawyers and in population.

Americans love the law…well, litigation. Many Americans are well practised in using the phrase, “I’m going to sue you !”

And American lawyers work as if they were retailers selling a product in Walmart or Target. They advertise, on TV, on billboards, on transit vehicles. They market their product, like true capitalists.

Talk to almost anyone in an American city and they will likely tell you they have used a lawyer on one way or another, but very commonly, to sue.

A friend was walking out of a recreation club after a workout in its gym. She walked onto a sloped ramp used for the disabled and slipped, falling face first to the concrete walkway. Almost immediately employees rushed out of the centre to assist her, but their first words were, “Are you going to sue?”

What a mentality…a mishap becomes a quest for financial gain…a very common American mentality.

Even worse, watch lawyer commercials on TV…’We get you more.’ ‘I got $3 mill,’ an actor portraying a client. ‘We’ll get you double or triple of what you think you can get.’

When you travel, vacation in the USA, be very careful or be greedy! Above all, get a good lawyer.

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