Is this right? Or is it another example of ageism?

We never discourage support of a local merchant but we do encourage customer complaints when there is a wrong that needs righting.

Too bad the street placard isn’t visible from both sides,
Men’s haircuts, $10,”
Women’s haircuts, $17.”
OK…you explain the disparity.

As one of our site visitor writes….

“…New hair salon just opened in the plaza where the Mandarin locates.   (Called J Hair).  Opening special.  Big sign in the window.  Men’s short hair cut $10.  Ladies short hair cut $17.  Why?  This is not an age problem this is outright SEXISM.  My hair is as short as yours.  Why should there be a seven dollar difference?

Let’s tell these salons “Magicuts, Hair Solutions, Quick Cuts, and others, that women earn on average less and have to pay more -WHY???  And seniors are – as always – disadvantaged.  You know – even old gals want to look their best….”
    J V


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