Jan 11 – rant moderation to avoid rant fatigue

Rotzy moderates his own ranting. Is there some fear that the rate may be over the top?

In The Wake….
….of last week’s ‘rant’ on CARP (Canadian Association of Retired People) with their demands on Doug Ford to fire/replace two of his ministers (Health and LTC) for ‘underachieving’ in the COVID wars (*see below) I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, how about you/we perhaps ‘ditch the negative’ and ‘get a tad more positive sounding’ in this week’s “F/N” column”??!! “And how in hell do I/we go about that, when there is NO good news to be had/found? Anywhere.” “C’mon man, don’t hand me that bunk….open your eyes”!! So….SO….I did….and dont’cha know I’ve come up with a ‘belated New Years message’ to everyone from, of all places, Pooh Corner! And we all know who lives there, right? Anyway, it went/goes like this….”Not everything is cancelled! Sunshine is not cancelled. Love is not cancelled. Reading is not cancelled. Naps are not cancelled. Music is not cancelled. Imagination is not cancelled. Devotion is not cancelled. Kindness is not cancelled. Conversations are not cancelled….OK, OK,OK, so they’re a tad ‘muffled’ coming through a masque. Hope is not cancelled. So….SO….there we go…..a real ‘positive feeling’ right from The Pooh himself!! And I’m betting it has the full support of Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore too!!

Speaking Of Things ‘Belated’….
….a very Happy 20th Birthday to Zoomer Radio 740AM, last Friday Jan 8th was the big day….in spite of our ‘different feelings/attitudes’ toward CARP….(*see above)….to owner Moses Znaimer, his happy family of broadcasters/announcers and staff, many of whom are Day Oners, and all of whom it would appear, are friends. They march to their own drummer….that would be Moses….and use various broadcasting formats that other stations were applying decades ago, yet they still work for Zoomer listeners. All the music they played on the 8th was from 20 + years ago which was a good thing, but the best part was with ALL the announcers’ (and there are a lot of them) individual, heartfelt congratulatory speeches being played over and over there wasn’t enough tyme for many CARP advertisements! So Rotzy seldom had to hit the ‘Boycott’ button at all!! And by the bye, hip hip hooray for reaching 5000 names on your petition!

Four, And Counting
    Tuesday Jan 5th marked yours truly’s 4th Blood Donation, a year after my ‘debut’. Another enjoyable visit to the church just 4 minutes from 555 Harris Place. A bit of a (laughable) delay due to a computer glitch….mine or theirs?….that was ‘trying to change me’ from Robert R  to Robert S….hence Bob Stewart and I assumed our correct identities, he got in before me (in spite of my 1:45 appt vs his for 2:25) and so did Lucy, or was it Louise?….and there were lots of laughs and apologies galore to Rotzy. No doubt because of my ‘rock star donor’ status with my ‘0-Negative’ blood type!! I grabbed a couple bags of mini-cookies to nibble at on the way home, already set up for my next appointment (donation #5) on March 2nd. Walking through the lobby on the way out a young man spoke to me….”nice day sir”…..a kid 21 or so, and I realized he was surely the ONLY young person I’d seen there that day! Now I mean ‘young’, as in under 50 or so!! Anyway, Rotzy is gonna put a challenge out for any former Eagle Place Eskimos football players in the BJFL to sign up for the next one! Check out Canadian Blood Services….and see   ya there!!

Fridays Are Still….
    ”Order In/Take Out Day” for Miz. Jo and yours truly, in keeping in with our decision made upon our arrival here at 555 Harris Place on Oct One 2018 and Kelsey’s Roadhouse won out on the spin of the wheel and half an hour later Manager Sean (not his real name) is handing me our order….Fish and Chips for Rotzy and Chicken Fried Chicken for Jo Ann, both of which got a ‘thumbs up’. Anyway during a little COVID-chatter whilst he was ringing up the bill, I ‘wondered aloud’ when they may get back to normal (so to speak) and he ‘wondered back’ a concern that Ontario may follow Quebec’s lead and impose a curfew like La Belle Province did last Saturday. Well, that was news to yours truly! Yes, I’d heard the ‘C’ Word mentioned, but NOT that it had been invoked. S–t. I guess we’ve really been ‘locked’ into the mess that is called ”Washington DC”. Miz. Jo prefers CNN hence it’s been a pretty steady diet of it….for a week now? As to the curfew in the PQ, I heard on the news this ayem (Sunday) they had 13 or 14 arrests and fines in the $1500 range. Interestingly….or  maybe not, depending on your preference….their coverage on the ‘DC mess’….and their way beyond intense desire to have Donald Trump removed from the Oval Office/Presidency was/still is at the point where COVID-19 is left out of the mix. Such was the case last Thursday or Friday where the very first coronavirus item of the day….as far as Rotzy coud see/recall….wasn’t on the screen until after 4:00-PM. And that says to me the CNN Network has about the same interest level in the Pandemic as the outgoing President. (you think?) In spite of the CNN talking head raising his voice, raising the roof, raising hell with the COVID numbers. As to Trump? Sorry but Rotzy is all but completely ‘Trumped out’….still having trouble getting my pumpkin around pretty much ALL the crap that went down at The US Capital last week….that building, the steps, monuments, the rotunda, the grounds and cetera….methinks it’s been called The Heart Of Democracy….or did I just come up with that? No matter. Wed Jan 6th a gang of thugs (not a finely tuned attack of terrorists) tore the heart out of the Capitol…with the place in a shambles….leaving dead and wounded….and the United States Of America as the laughing stock of the free world. The unfree world too. Yes, it’s a very strange world we live in, Master Jack. It just got stranger. And unsafer.

*Thought Of The Day…I don’t call it getting olde….I call it outliving the warranty.

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