Jan 13 – “mamby pamby and mamby pamby,” says Justin Trudeau

What Goes Here??!!
…Speaking of ‘history’….and I was until I just erased the item…..I’m thinking it goes without saying that today’s (predicted) temperature for Brant’s Ford of 14C….yes, + 14C….would/will without a doubt become the warmest January 11th ever recorded. Hey….congratulations all around….and of course anything over 10C gives this olde guy the green light to don the Wrangler Jean Shorts one more tyme, and another personal record. I fully expect 50-75% of the residents here at 555-Harris Place are sure yours truly is ‘missing a couple cubes from my tray’, but it’s easy to explain why I dress ‘lighter’ than most oldsters these days by simply relaying the temperature in Nakina….which, after checking with Miz. Jo, is currently sitting at -26C! Not including the W/C Factor….as we spent 20 winters up there. It’s hard for them to imagine, since all but a handful think that Huntsville is ‘way up north’.

Only One Road Rage….
…directed at the olde guy this week….tho it’s Sat morn, so that could still change….but it brought on a good chortle just the same. I’m going south on the WGP (Wayne Grtetzky Parkway) Friday at about 8:45AM. We’re doing about 60 k/m and the traffic is moving well as I/we reach the #403 overpass when I see the yellow flashing lights just up ahead, which I realize means ‘red light’ at the next intersection. Foot off the gas as I ‘coast’ down to 50, then 40 k’s. The woman behind me didn’t like this and leaned on her horn, flicked her left signal on as she zipped out and around me in her red/orange Honda (or Hyundai, as I can’t tell the difference) and gave me two more blasts, pass complete, right signal on, back in the right lane, then stand on her brakes for the uncoming red traffic light. Which of course I was already slowing down for. So I laughed and said ”Nice move!…you da one”!!, then to myself “Hey Toad, YOU gotta try that sometyme….you’re getting better at running yellow arrows”! As to my parking ‘grades’….pleased to say I’m definitely seeing improvement!!

*Correction(s) And Congratulations
…In last week’s “F/N” column, I had mentioned the possibility of Rotzy giving blood at the Canadian Red Cross’s Donor Clinic Feb 7th at The Civic Centre. Well, I did. Give blood that is. However, the blood collection agency is….and has been for some years now…..Canadian Blood Services. I was amazed at the almost instant transformation of the Hall into a hospital-like area….Efficiency with a capital E….with about 30 people on hand, which obviously included a number of Volunteers, who obviously knew what they were doing. Everything was shaping up well for the 2:00PM start-up, nurses ‘standing at the ready’ beside the ten black leather tilting donor beds. Then….CRASH goes the computer system….in its entirety from what I could tell. Well, aside from the two ladies/nurses who seemed in charge, nobody seemed the least bit worried…especially the donors, as they just grabbed some more of the free munchies and/or a bottle of water. All was up and running before 2:20, and in another 10 or 15 minutes the olde guy was pointed toward a young oriental woman (who had a very nice voice and sang along with the music playing) who would hook up the hoses on my right arm, and likely thinking ‘I’ll bet this olde guy has been donating for 50 years’…..as I’m sure my fellow donors did too. Anyway, she got my blood flowing very easily and quickly. Then she glanced at my chart again, and declared (a little too excitedly?) ”You’re a FIRST TIME DONOR”!!!!!….reaches into a drawer and brings out a colourful, round sticker (sticks it on my t-shirt right over my heart) which reads “1st Time Donor. Be nice to me. I’m new”! So now Rotzy is ‘the Star’ and getting kudos, acknowledges and accolades from my ‘new team mates’….everything but applause ’cause you can’t clap when you’re hoses are hooked up. Had a drink of orange juice, Lay’s Chips and a cookie at a big round table, then the R/N who did my initial interview came by and said….”You’ll know what blood type you are next week when you get your Donor Card in the mail….and ‘thank you….see you in two months”. I guess I made the team, huh?

…Another correction from last week. I indicated Miz. Jo was/is going to BGH for surgery at 7:30 AM  to have ‘The Thing’ removed from the top of her nose, next to her right eye. Well, yours truly failed to say 7:30AM FEBRUARY 5th! Sorry to cause/have caused any concern/upset and we both remain totally positive/optimistic.

Patriotism: The Highs And Lows
…We’re talking ‘Canadian style’ here, so make what you will of this….or make nothing at all. The ‘High’? I/we can still see it. Twenty-some Junior hockey players from all over this country, NWT to the Maritimes and every where in between, standing in a line, arms around shoulders, some with flags draped around them, singing O Canada at the top of their lungs…..some on key, most off key, but all right from their heart. Miz. Jo and I watching the TV….lump in the throat and (happy) tears in the eyes. And proud!! The ‘Low’? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘addressing the nation’ on CBC News Channel following the ‘crash’ of a Ukranian Air 737 Jet in Iran at the Tehran Airport, killing all aboard, including dozens of Canadians. Anyway, here’s what Rotzy saw/heard: Aside from doubling/tripling his normal /routine ‘ahhh’s and ummm’s’, here’s JT giving it his very best Casper Milquetoast impression, complete with his dire ‘let’s-not-step-on-anybody’s-toes-here, fellow Canadians’. Besides (at that point) we’re not sure what happened. Intelligence (no doubt U.S. and at that point) indicates it may have been shot down by Iran but we are not sure…..but if it was, we feel it MAY be ‘an accident’.*There was a roomfull of reporters and I swear EVERY question he was asked received the same answer….”we need a thorough investigtation”. If I heard it one more tyme the ballpeen hammer was going at the TV. Look….it’s not saying here that he should have declared war on Iran….of course not….tho they should have been fully aware they are on watch….AND they will pay the price for such a cowardly act. Tell you one thing, while Junior Trudeau was dishing up all his bulls–t mamby-pamby, Senior Trudeau was rolling over in his grave! PET woulda been in their faces big tyme….with military support too.  ‘An accident’ eh?

*Thought Of The Day…The three hardest things to say are: 1/ I was wrong. 2/ I need help. 3/ Worcestershire Sauce.

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