Jan 24 – Recipe, ‘rona vaccine testing, Washington wipeout

Readers Write
And I’d say we got a decent mix of humour in this one…..check ’em out:

*The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe. Eat cake.

**To those who still wear their masque below their nose, it is almost a year now, takes less tyme to potty-train a toddler. ***YOU are about to exceed the limits of MY medication.

****As I was getting into bed she said ”You’re drunk”. I said “How do you know”? She replied ”You live next door”.

Recipes And Stuff
    I’ve been looking for ‘something a little different’ from the dozen or so dishes we consume here at Unit #303 on a nightly basis, and whilst strolling the aisles at Zehr’s Market last mid-week I spotted a large bag of ‘New Zealand Spring Lamb Pieces/Chunks’ in a big freezer….which, to my thinking, had ‘lamb stew’ written all over it…..but I backed off, for a couple reasons. It was TOO large for Miz. Jo and Rotzy, surely would have rendered enough stew to feed the New Zealand All-Blacks Rugby Team….OK, OK, OK….maybe HALF of the team….as well as being too ‘pricey’ for me/us at $36.99! So….SO….the next tyme I was shopping, I double-checked, just in case somebody had put a ‘50% Off’ sticker on it, alas no such luck….but right beside it I discovered that a ‘little lamb’ wasn’t the only animal that Mary kept, she was also into goats! ‘Goat meat for stewing’….’bone in’….100% Australian Goat Meat! At $18.99 a bag(!) albeit a tad smaller than the N/Z bag. Hence, when I got home from my ‘buckboard run’ and plopped the goat meat in front of Miz. Jo, she was off to the ‘olde archives recipes dept’ via her i-Pod and came up with one for ‘curried goat’, that we obtained from #54 (not his real name) on June 18/2014….which we had ‘adapted’ to make ‘curried rabbit’. The recipe is, for lack of better word, ‘interesting’….and….probably more ‘tyme consuming’ (beginning with a Fri overnight thaw in the fridge) than it is ‘labour intensive’, if you get my drift. Also, the chef is required to ‘have a beer’ whilst completing each stage and readying to move onto another, when adding ingredients, when marinating, and cetera, and cetera. It’s Sat Noon as I write this and it can/will go into ‘cooking mode’ definitely on ‘low and slow’ Sun morn. Miz. Jo is gonna add some home baked (Pillsbury dough boy) biskits to Sun evening’s menu and yours truly will perhaps add a short “F/N” Food Critique early Mon ayem. **Mon 8:00AM….A-1/thumbs-up/Bingo….hotter than we normally would favour, but you only live once, right? Was glad we had the biskits to help ‘mellow’ it a tad.

‘Taking One For The Team’ (*see below)
    I/we received an email video here at “F/N”HQ last week that had likely been making the rounds for a couple or three weeks….an ‘attempt at humour’ but with a definite message to it as well, ‘delivered’ by some overweight fellow in his fifties, sporting an ‘attempt at growing a beard’, whilst losing at an ‘attempt at retaining the hair on top of his pumpkin’. I mentioned the clip had been around a while as there were concerns of ‘potential’ problems/reactions’ with some vaccines….AND….rather than put the general public ‘at risk’ (here comes the ‘punch line/funny part!) why not have Ottawa politicians be first/among the earliest to roll up their sleeves??!! Rather than those in Long Term Care (LTC)!! That way, if there IS some sort of ‘fly in the ointment’, it would be discovered by some Honourable Member of the House Of Commons (*see above) rather than a 88 yr old retired beef farmer from Red Deer, Alberta….or a great-great grandmother from Etobicoke who just turned 90! Anyway, as far as the clip being ‘an attempt at humour’ at the expense of our MP’s, I’d hardly call it a ‘knee-slapper’….nor an ‘act of valour’. However, checking further into ‘who and when’, there are of course some variances, but in virtually all districts, there is a definite leaning towards LTC Facilities and aged populations. Oldsters. And if we take it one step further and ask ‘why’? or ‘why them’? maybe CARP (Canadian Association of Retired People) knows. But Rotzy’s NOT goin’ there….nope!….I’m gonna let the “From Nakina” readership ask on your own! I’m still trying to respond to one of y’all who asked (sometyme in Oct/Nov) ”when is the last tyme somebody signed themself/was signed in by family to a LTC Facility with plans of ‘him/her getting all better again’ and ‘going home’. No? I’m thinking you’ll find the answer to the latter is directly involved with the answer to the former. ***Mon ayem Bulletin!! Sunday Jan 24th marks one year to the day since COVID-19 arrived in Canada! A gentleman who flew here from China. FYI….

One More Glimpse….
    of the attack on the US Capital, with the CNN bunch expounding on those cracker-jack/finely-tuned terrorist forces as they looted the halls, offices, etc. and I’ll toss my biscuits! The Police, Nat Guard, FBI, Senate, The House, and everybody else….they’ll still be ‘pointing fingers’ four years from now. Sad. Pathetic. VERY scary. The ‘heart of the American Democracy’ just ‘flatlined’….on world television. By a bunch of people CNN and the rest of the media called ‘white supremist driven’….said they were from/staying in Virginia. Well yours truly saw nothing ‘supreme’ about them. NOTHING! Nor anything remotely looking like The Klan or Nazis. They looked and acted like ‘white trailer trash’. None of ’em sporting Harvard, Yale, Stanford or Columbia sweatshirts/hoodies. One big ‘ole guy giving it his best pre-riot Hulk Hogan impression, tho he didn’t have Hulk’s arms, and another imitating Leif The Lucky….or he may be a big NFL Vikings fan and ‘had an ugly on’ ‘cuz The Vikes got beat out. Who knows? But for sure it would have nothing at all to do with sanity. It says here they never shoulda made it to the front steps, let alone anywhere near the Capital….but, they DID! And….Uncle Sam ain’t never gonna be the same. Even tho what’s-his-name left DC Wed January 20/2021….telling his fans “I’ll be back, in some form”. “In some form”??!! If he’s talking about a casket in Arlington when his tyme comes?….sorry….not gonna happen Donald.

*Thought Of The Day…Have you ever listened to someone for a minute and thought  ”their cornbread isn’t done in the middle”?

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