Jan 4 – lots of complaints being heard

….last Thurs night, the clock striking at Midnight in Times Square (which was occupied by properly distanced/well-masked 1st Responders, EMS folks, nurses and cetera, rather than the usual Million or so revellers) to witness the ‘ball drop’ right in the heart of The Big Apple. The televised coverage hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, helped out by some guy I didn’t know, [ Ryan Seacrest ] and some questionable ‘guests’ I MIGHT have heard of. No matter….this olde guy was still AWAKE!…..at MIDNIGHT!! Probably for the first tyme since the Dead Sea was only sick. Not that I had planned on it, The Sandman got to me sometyme after/during a World Juniors hockey match. Nor was I aware yours truly would need to have a pee 15 min before the ‘ball dropped’….but I DID….hence, right after which I said (to myself) “Well Toad, you can do this….piece of cake, man”! Truth be told, I started losing interest in New Years Eve when it became unfashionable/illegal to smoke at dances….can you even imagine/remember smoking INSIDE a building? (*if that’s a ‘yes’ you’re getting up there in years) So we tried watching it on TV….about the same tyme the TV producers were getting tired of Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians. Well, sorry….but it’s NOT New Year’s Eve without Guy Lombardo….so methinks ’twas about then Rotzy started sleeping thru them. Well dont’cha know, last Thurs at 12:00 on comes Auld Lang Zyne….Guy, his brother Carmen, vocalist Kenny Gardner and The Royal Canadians doing the classic they first recorded in 1929 enroute to a long and famed career. Heck, my Mom and Dad used to dance to their music in a big dance hall built out over Lake Erie at Port Stanley. Anyway, the TV producers last Thurs decided half the song was enough so they ‘ran it into’ Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York/New York.’ Well, yours truly really enjoyed it, figuring half is better than none….and Hey!…. maybe I’ll be awake for the ‘ball to drop’ again for 2022 !? Happy New Year from Rotzy and Miz. Jo!!!

Readers Write
    Got an email from Billy (not his real name) last week that struck me very much like a ”Waaaaah-Waaaah-Waaaah”! You want some w(h)ine for your cheese”? saga. And ‘saga’ covers his note rather nicely….the length he went to to ‘state his case’. “From Nakina” has purposefully held off on saying/writing anything much about ‘distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine in Cda. in order NOT to kindle some/any kind of “F/N” s–tstorm. We don’t WANT it and we don’t NEED it! A s–tstorm. Because it could get real messy. I’ll give you a fer’instance OK?….but not in great detail. OK? Miz. Jo and Rotzy are basically on the same page as to the distribution ‘from the broad(est) sense of who, when, where…and perhaps why’. OK? Well, since Canadians started rolling up their sleeves, she and I would be doing a number of things ‘differently’ than what we’ve seen in Ont and the other provinces….altho we’re not saying they’re wrong. OK? ‘Nuff said, OK? But back to Billy (not his real name). I gotta say, even with his amazing ‘calculus’ approach to come up with his personal vaccination date….to within a month or so….I’m saying he’s WAY optimistic! However, Rotzy never went far enough in school to take ‘calculus’, but I tried another different ‘method’ that was more tyme-consuming than it was complicated. OK? So….SO….bottom line….I expect to receive my shot (and it will be one only by then) on or about April 6th, 2023. I also expect a lineup. OK?

No ‘Crow Pie’ For Rotzy….
    In spite of some efforts to set a nice, thick slice in front of me last couple weeks. My position on the constant demand by the NDP and CARP for Doug Ford to fire two of his ministers….Christine Elliot/Min of Health and Merrilee Fullerton/Min of Long Term Care….remains the same, let them do their jobs. These two ministries are absolutely swamped and ‘replacing’ them at this point….and it doesn’t mean by whom!….will improve nothing. Andrea Horwath’s constant harping….she had centre stage on Zoomer Radio’s ‘Fight Back’ fone in show last Mon coulda been tyme better spent.(*see below) Then again, she’s never sat on ‘the other side’ inside the Legislature so she can’t do much more than say ‘fire them’. To accompany ‘tyme better spent’ in this crusade they can add ‘money better spent’ ….in the case of what must be lots of it from Moses Znaimer, the caring owner of everything Zoomer, who appears to be ‘bankrolling’ the CARP advertising initiative to replace the ministers. The BIG point being pushed last week was/is that their ‘Fire Them’ petition has now garnered almost 4500 names!! Whoa!! Well, with over TEN MILLION eligible voters in our province, is it tyme to say ‘Ontario has spoken’. Hardly.

On The Other Hand
    “From Nakina” has stated right from the get-go that when Andrea, Moses and the CARP’sters demanded the resignation/firing of the two lady Ministers, Doug Ford stood his ground and said ”No”, that was the good and right thing to do. Well folks, that was LAST week….THIS week  ‘The Good Ship P/C’ has done run aground on the reef….and it’s takin’ on water fast!! But this ‘situation’ was not brought about by COVID-19 Virus, the Vaccine, and cetera….not because of anything directly involved with the pandemic….OK? It involved/involves a Minister in Doug Ford’s P/C Govt….Min Rod Phillips…..don’t know him from Prince Philip, so Rotzy did some checking. Bottom line? He’s the Minister of $ Finance, Ford’s #1 guy!! S–t. I’m running outta space so here’s a quick-as-I-can wrap-up on the (now) ex-Minister. Firstly, Rod is dumber than a bag of hammers! The corona rules (for MPP’s too) are ‘stay at home, except for da da da da’. Nothing about Hawaii [ Actual destination was St. Bart’s in the Carribean ]. To hell with it…..he goes, regardless! That wins him the semi-prestigious ”F/N” JOTW Award (Jerk Of The Week) Then he gets caught by the Boss, but stays two weeks anyway. Bingo! He’s a last-minute shoe-in for the ultra-prestigious “F/N” JOTY Award!!! (Jerk Of The Year)  Congrats Rod!! You da man! (*memo to Roddy*….the fact you ‘resigned’ (wink, wink, nudge) about the same tyme your jet touched Canadian soil will not affect your big win!) Gotta line up a “F/N” prize for you!….perhaps an All/Incl trip to Honolulu?! *memo* to Premier Doug Ford…..WOW!!!….you blew it big guy!….you REALLY blew it!!! I mean, for the Captain of The Good Ship P/C to be used and abused by a crewman with the same IQ as Cheerios?! You’d better watch out or they’ll mutiny. Maybe not a bad idea….looks like the ship’s sinking anyway. (*UPDATE* Mon Jan 4, 7:00AM….I just heard on 92.9 FM News that 13 ‘Canadian Politicians’ (MP’s and/or MPP’s) were confirmed as travelling abroad during the holiday break. Proving that they are (*choose one) A/ Arrogant and above the law. B/ Blessed with more cajones than a canal horse. C/ Dumb as a bag of hammers. Speaking of a bag of hammers, and I was….WE voted them in!

*Thought Of The Day…Good bye/good riddance 2020….now I’m stuck between a rock and someone I’d like to hit with it.

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4 Responses to Jan 4 – lots of complaints being heard

  1. Rotzy... says:

    Hey Sobie…..here’s what to do. Let Andrea Horwath select the ‘new’ LTC Minister herself! And a new Min of Health to if she wants to, but steer clear of the Finance portfolio as that another story! Andrea could from the rank and file of the PC’s…or even a Lib or NDP MPP (if that’s allowed)….but NOT herself ’cause she’d bomb out like nothing! The new Minister(s) work within Ford’s Cabinet. In three months we step back and see what has been accomplished by the firing(s). By the bye, don’t be surprised if things are still the same, or worse. Whaddya think?

    • Sobieski says:

      In short, why not give Fullerton a reasonable time to turn things around, say 60 days. Sure, we are playing with lives but a new minister would need time to get up to speed. So no difference. Besides based on what Horwath has shown about her own leadership over three elections, I wouldn’t let her select my brand of beer! Ford could also instill a deputy minister to Fullerton, someone with a proven track record…and warn both of them, “Gone if 60 days don’t bring significant results.” Politicians cannot be as stupid as you and I are implying. They have to have some brains…so prove it or get out. Your turn!

  2. Sobieski says:

    Rotzy, you’re off base, short-sighted, ageing too fast when it comes to your views about the ZOOMER/CARP petition to change the Health Minister and the Long Term Care Minister. You use the cheap excuse that their portfolios are swamped with things needing action. Excuse me, but isn’t that their job? Do they have staff? Did they just get appointed recently? There is absolutely no excuse for the mortality rates taking place in LTC facilities. These are places that should be receiving extra care and attention. And if they death rates go up, modify, update, strengthen the needed changes.
    I wonder if you were a resident in a LTC resident right now, if you were would defend these two ministers as readily as you do?
    The minimal response to the CARP petition is simply a demonstration of voter complacency…or is it more of “we don’t give a damn about old people” thinking?

    These ministers should be reviewed and in the case of LTC Minister Fullerton, replaced. She has no excuse. The very least she should be able to flat line the rate of COVID infections in these homes instead of permitting such an increase to the number of residents who are flatlining.

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