Florida joyless?

Something is missing…it may be my own outlook.

Southern Florida has the climate. It has accommodation. It has scenery. But somehow it lacks something to make it seem lively, dynamic, energetic.
I know what it lacks. Walk into any plaza and look around, all seniors. A mall, all seniors. A Mcdonald’s, surprise, surprise, all seniors. A medical clinic on every second corner, the alternate corners, pharmacies. It’s disturbing.
Was about to enter a supposedly popular Chinese restaurant, touted as the topmost one is the whole region. The place was packed, a sardine can of seniors. All grey-haired, white-haired, and the bald….and those were just the women! Needless to say, I passed on Chinese. Better for my nutrition.
Even the condo we are in, clean, well maintained, properly painted, lawn trimmed and watered…all one could want for the property if one was an owner but it’s old, likely more than 50 years old. Wouldnt be surprised to hear it’s closer to social security age.
And to top it all off, the condo has an age rule. Not that you have to be 18 to get in or 21 to of legal age. No, their rule is simple. Residency restricted to those 65 or older.
So this place has it all if you are a senior and want to act like one…go slow, do little, do it quietly, hit the sack early, have supper at 4pm, “early bird specials” kick in then.
Nope, southern Florida’s got a lot to offer if you’re a senior. It lacks just one thing, young people.

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