July 15 – Road rage heats up

Rotzy’s getting testier with each driving episode…road rage rides on in Brantford

From Worst To First?
Well, not necessarily, but I’m only guessing that Skyline Living, the kindly owners/keepers of the property here at 555 Harris Place were not thrilled at owning the rather dubious distinction of having the ‘Worst Lawn On Terrace Hill (Commercial Division) Award….or perhaps some tenants complained? Not yours truly. No way, Jack. I simply reported it in the “F/N” column. Firstly, it was tyme to get the lawns in shape, and that involved a ‘cameo appearance’ by the contractor himself….the bossman/owner….and he finally got rid of piles of windrows/dead grass by making multiple passes on the Kubota*tm ride ’em mower….a very simple technique that the two other operators, for some reason, couldn’t quite master. Then it became tyme to get the gardens in shape….weeding, hand weeding and hoeing, which coulda/shoulda been done several weeks ago….and for this task a crew was assembled, perhaps best described as ‘motley’. There was a woman in her mid-30’s, who was the only member of the Crew who was actually earning whatever they were paying them; next came a teenage girl, 17 or 18? tho she acted/behaved like a pouting 5-yr old might, mostly sitting in the garden, head between her knees or laying flat out on the lawn, feigning death it seemed like. Miz. Jo and Rotzy were amazed that she reported for duty on Day 2, but she quickly drifted back to her Day 1 routine. Next, we have a tall slim guy….about 20?….who is the Hoe Guy, and he was/is some piece of work!! (*I say ‘is’ because I asked him ‘are you doing the entire property’? He had to think for a second, then replied ‘yes’. Watching him ‘work’ is not easy…he’ll stare at the ground for minutes on end, make a couple one-handed sweeps with the hoe, then stare again. I don’t think he has ‘mental health issues’ altho I’d bet he’s fried a lot of brain cells. Lastly, we have Hoe Guy’s girlfriend. Make that ‘had’ as it appears she quit…or maybe she was fired from The Crew, which could seal your fate as to future employment opportunities. By the bye, she and Hoe Guy seem to have accommodations in our neighbouring gray building, as well as a tent or some kind of ‘shelter/structure’ in the bush adjacent to us. Stay tuned for updates on The Crew.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
To quote Guy Fieri, the affable host on Triple D’s, etc. with The Food Network. In my case, it’s in celebration of my BIG win in last Thurs 6/49 Draw, worth over Seven Million Dollars!!! OK, OK, OK….Rotzy didn’t grab first place money, but I did do a major ‘air punch’ at the Circle ‘K’ Convenience Store just south of us….as bells sounded and the screen lit up showing my winnings $73.40!!! As my Dad might have said, ”it’s better than a kick in the slats, eh”?! For sure….and it’s my first win  of ANY kind in weeks/months. Nice to ‘get a taste of victory’, and soon as “From Nakina” is finished off, I plan of going back down to Circle K, and maybe grab $20 Million this tyme….now that I know how it’s done!

Road Rage Report
It had been a couple weeks of ‘rage free’ motoring in Brant’s Ford for this olde guy, but the bubble burst (big tyme) right in the parking lot at 555 Harris Place….and in front of Miz. Jo! who was waving to me from our #303 balcony as I drove in to park Norm The Truck. I waved back, turned my left signal on to signify my turn and clicked it on left again to indicate where I was going (*see below) to park. Some guy suddenly came up behind me in a white Honda….or Hyundai as I can’t differentiate between  the “H”s…. from outta nowhere, hence he musta been scooting. He REALLY leaned on his horn, which was LOUD and scared the s–t out me, pulled out and around, stopping right beside me, and I said (to myself) “Well Toad, you’re in for a cheerful earfull now”!! I suspect as he pulled even to Norm he realized he was looking at an oldster with some ‘neck issues’ and instead of a major dump on me, he simply said “watch where you’re going”. I was still somewhat shaken from his horn blast, but I coulda/should come back at him with a ”Hey pal, I know where I’m going a–hole….even signaled….twice! so YOU watch where YOU are going you &#@$$% jerk”!!! Hey, I know where his parking spot is, and if he gives me his rude-sounding horn blast again, early some morning (around 5:00AM when I’m down for my first puff du jour, I just might slide down there in Norm, position Norm’s rear bumper right in line with his nice white Honda-Hyundai (*see above) hood, and back into it with just enough speed to knock the nice, shiny chrome ”H” onto the pavement. Stay tuned.

Whatever Happened….
….to ‘that old gang of mine’??!! I’m referring to a number of ‘resignations’ from Doug Ford’s Team. Mostly coming from people in high places….you know, jobs oft called ‘plums’ by most working stiffs. Essentially they are/were ‘election thank you’s’ issued by Premier Ford. And the ”I’m outta here list of PC’s” is growing by leaps and bounds…leaving in their wake more accusations than you would care to divulge in normal situations….but then again, Team Ford isn’t normal, is it? If you ask me….s–t, even if you DON’T ask me…this whole thing looks very ”Trumpish”, you think??!! Pink slips galore….mostly ‘self-written’, but others not so much so.

*Thought Of The Day…What would a chair look like if your knees bent the other way?

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