July 27 – Some like it hot but not ROT’

Some people can take the heat, but Rotzy sounds like he’d prefer to leave the kitchen! The heat might be getting to him and twisting his normally languid and placid persona.

I Heard The CBC Radio News…
….down in Norm TheTruck at 6:00 AM and the lead story relayed that TODAY (Sat July 25th) marks SIX MONTHS to the day since the FIRST case of COVID-19 was reported in Ont. Well, Rotzy was so damned flustered to hear that I didn’t know whether to s–t or wind my watch! so did neither. But I couldn’t/can’t reach far enough to pat myself on the back. Or if some other ‘early riser’ had been within earshot, we could have shaken hands/done a two-handed high five….but then again, in keeping within ‘distancing rules’ I guess that’s a ‘no-no’, right? Then I said (to myself) “Jeez Toad, why in hell does it feel like it’s been SIXTEEN months?! Did ‘The Corps’ somehow screw up on the story? or did I perhaps hear it wrong”? No matter, it’s not gonna go away anytyme soon….and with Doug Ford under terrible pressure from ‘people of position’ to get the GTA into Stage 3….which he has almost succumbed to, now there are a whole lot of other ‘people of positon’ who are saying ”NO, NO, NO….it’s too soon”. Anyway, the Yays won the first round, but when the number of new cases start rapidly climbing back up to Quebec levels….and they will!….the poop will hit the fan with cries of ”We told you so, Mr. Premier”!! (*see below)

Political Stuff
    This will be short and sweet. Well, short to be sure, tho maybe not sweet….because yours truly has no “F/N” intention of kindling yet another ‘s–tstorm’. So….SO…BYAM (between you and me) I was never a Doug Ford fan….yet, as Premier of Canada’s most populous province, he has been handed this impossible mess, and handled it as well as ANY of his co-Premiers (*see above), and better than MOST….and simply put they don’t have the numbers/problems that we have in Ontario! Face it, this is NOT a good tyme to be a politician anywhere on this COVID-ravaged Earth. Meanwhile, in Bytown, P/M Trudeau and his main money man, Bill ‘Big Bucks’ Morneau, are in deep doo-doo with regards to a Billion dollars or so and a much financially screwed up program called ‘WE’….and it even extends to their families. To the point that their ‘enemies’, the PC’s, seem to have almost forgotten pressuring the coronavirus spending, and laws concerning it. The good news for the Liberals is that the enemy’s Leader, altho he is not really their Leader anymore, Andrew Scheer, is STILL ‘the Libs’ best friend’ in Ottawa….tho he is on his way out. He reminds me of Timmy Hudak, former Ont PC who was always ‘helping out’ the Ont Liberals. As to Scheer, can one of his mates not duct tape his mouth shut….AND cover his ‘always smiling dimples’!!??  OK….’nuff said.

Readers Write
    Got these from someone who’s obviously ‘getting up in years’ yet doing the best he can and still having a sense of humour. Check it out* “I’ve expanded my skills. I can now forget what it is I’m doing when I’m actually doing it”. **I miss the old days….when you could actually have an opinion without offending somebody. (*see below). Imagine.

The Edmonton Eskimos…
    One of the CFL’s most successful/storied franchises has bowed to ‘public pressure/demand’ (*see above) to drop/lose their team nickname ‘Eskimos’. ‘Some people’ apparently were ‘offended’. Imagine. If I got things right, hereinafter they’re going to be known as the ‘E/E Team’! How in hell they came up with that is beyond me, because….if, for no other reason….the first thing people are gonna ask is “what does E/E stand for”?  Then again, for the life of me, I can’t know what in hell is wrong with ‘Eskimos’??!! Of course yours truly also has no idea what on earth is wrong/racist with the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Black Hawks, and cetera. Not even the Washington Redskins….which ‘some people’ see as VERY racist indeed….and yet something tells me that Washington isn’t gonna ‘fold up like a cheap suit’, which was the case in Edmonton. Ya gotta wonder how many of ‘these people’ are season ticket holders in these cities, don’t-cha?! Or if they ever even go to a game? And when all these teams, and the many others including Jr. high school right up to university, conform to ‘some people’s’ wishes, ya gotta wonder what in hell is next!! Tell ya something, Rotzy was an Eskimo for TEN years….no, not in Edmonton, but with the Eagle Place Eskimos in Brant’s Ford, playing in the BJFL, which operated from 1960 to 1980….3 years as a player, 2 years as Asst Coach and 5 years as Head Coach, and….well…. it says here that the E/P Eskimos Alumnus will NOT change our name! I had a few Indian guys as teammates….I say ‘Indians’ because that’s what they were/still are…’indigenous’ had not been invented at that point in tyme. I also wonder how my former High School Team….the PJCVS Warriors will fare? (We had Indians on that team too.) Anyway, today’s current ‘name change situation’ is not over ‘racism’ at all, but it IS getting that way,

By The Way
    We’re back in the Stelco #9 Forge Mode with daily Heat Warnings and Miz. Jo says it calls for 32C today. I heard on CBC news earlier this ayem that it’s gonna ‘Feel Like’ 42C (*see below), which can only mean one thing….this aft will be Rotzy The Hoser tyme again/still. My pal Bobber (not his real name) had a great tyme as he and Rotzy were ‘being Barney Bad Ass’, a term Miz. Jo and I learned in the 1980s from the lifeguard at the pool in our Daytona Beach motel, a young lady from Morgantown, W/Virginia. Anyway, ‘being Barney Bad Ass’ wasn’t really ‘Bad’, if you get my drift….it was more a ‘having funn thing’, and by all means ‘NOT acting your own age’, hence in our case it’s two oldsters in their 70’s pretending to be 5….or perhaps 6. I knew he was gonna show up when I passed him and the W Group, most of whom rely on ‘walkers or wheelchairs’, enroute to the community garden. It was brutally hot and nary a breeze to be had. I had just sprinkled 5 or 6 cans on the crops in my garden and a couple other plots I ‘help out with’, had set the hose nozzle to ‘heavy rain shower mode’ and Bobber rolls in. ‘Barney B/A’ kicked in immediately as we sprayed ourselves and each other (of course not intentionally) so that we were drenched in no tyme. To finish things off, he took off his cap, sprayed it thoroughly, filled it with cool water, and deposited on top of his well-shaved pumpkin. We both laughed like hell. Just like a couple kids at a splash pool….without the pool, of course!! As Twennie (not his real name) would say…..WHHEEEEE!!!

*Thought Of The Day…Ask your doctor if a drug with 32 pages of side effects is right for you.

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