From NAKINA...: July 30

The biggest yard sale in all of Canada! Well, would you believe all of Ontario? OK, OK, the biggest in all of near northern Ontario. Lots going on in Nakina but the yard sale is the event of the century!“From Nakina”…

It’s Tyme….

For Nakina’s biggest weekend
The F & G Club’s Annual Live Release Bass Derby out at Cordingley Lake
….AND….Nakina’s 95th Anniversary! At the same time!!! The hard-working Anniversary Committee has more events planned than you can shake a stick at, and let me tell you, there is ‘something for everyone’, regardless of age….including the Sat Night Dance featuring The Sensational Hot Rods, who return after ‘headlining’ at the 90th! The Pipes and Drums of Thunder Bay are back for their THIRD appearance leading the Parade Sat. and will perform a short show in the Arena immediately following it. Here’s a final reminder to come and join in (or watch) Rotzy’s LAST Parade. Sat 11:00 AM at The Northern (form-up by 10:45) *Rain or shine. See you there!!!

Readers Write
I’ve made some “F/N” comments lately regarding Mayo Schmidt, the ex-CEO at Hydro None….(formerly) referred to as ‘The 6.2 Million Dollar Man’….and recently his being ‘fired’ by Ont Premier Doug Ford (*see below). Well one of our readership from ‘out west’, who was following what yours truly had to say about Schmidt in the column, added some further info about Mayo of which I was unaware. He wasn’t surprised at the CEO getting ‘canned’ at Hydro because as he said ”(Schmidt) drove the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool into the ditch too”. I wasn’t even aware he had held that job, clearly a lack of ‘good, investigative reporting’ on MY part, so you learn something every day. Especially when ‘Readers Write’!! Let’s hear from YOU!

Number of Councillors….
…. for Greenstone….’vast’ municipality that we are…. has been bandied back and forth in Council Chambers at The Taj for some years now, mostly in favour of reducing them. Well folks, at the end of the day (or at the beginning of it for that matter) the number of them is likely to remain at eight, plus a mayor of course, and that was/is/will continue to be because of our ‘vastness’. ”One of the biggest municipalities in Canada” as they claim on CFNO FM. Having said that, if they/we want fewer councillors, all it would/will take is a fone call to Doug Ford (*see above) ….and Fordo will reduce Greenstone’s number to 6….or 5….or even 4. Now, for some reason, Rotzy has never known that the Premier of Ontario has the power to reduce the size of a city/town council at his/her own whim. But it seems he DOES, after vowing last week that Toronto City Council is getting ‘cut back’…. methinks from 47 to 25, basically half of them! and perhaps forgetting that up until a short while ago, he WAS one of the 47! As an ‘aside’ here, I/we have often been told that the Premier of Ontario is the ‘second most powerful person in Canada’…. behind the P/M. It’s probably true, but it says here that Dougie obviously wants to be #1. Doug Ford is getting more ‘Trumpish’ every tyme Miz. Jo turns on the TBTV 6:00 PM News. ‘Loose cannon’ you say? He was a ‘loose cannon’ when he was on TO. Council….as one of the 47….now he’s #2 in The Dominion and shooting for #1!!! *”F/N” memo to Doug, tell ya what, Bub….we’re gonna stay at 8 members up here in Greenstone, OK?

 Jo Ann And Rotzy….
…. made a big mistake when we moved up here to Nakina in May of 2000. No, it was NOT a mistake to move here! The problem was we didn’t have a Yard Sale BEFORE we moved. We toted all kinds of ‘stuff’ along with us, then THREE months later we decided to have a Yard Sale. Not gonna make THAT mistake again….no, no, no! ……and we’re working on some sort of advance planning. The money from the sale of Rancho Deluxe is ‘in the bank’ as they say, and the deal on our town property (“F/N”HQ) is almost complete, hence it could/should close in mid-late Sept. Anyway, getting back to The Rotzys’ Moving/Yard Sale, we’ve decided to wait until after the 95th W/end, so it’s (tentatively!) gonna happen Sat August 11th and Sun August 12th from 10:00AM to 2:00PM….’rain or shine’, just like the parade….and it will be BIG!! I’ll likely call it “Nakina’s Biggest Yard Sale Ever’ and it well might turn out to be just that as Jo Ann and yours truly are going to sell ‘everything but our souls’!! Hey, if the buyer’s price is right, well who knows? There’ll be old stuff, new stuff, used stuff and unused stuff too! Xmas stuff, antiques. almost antiques, and junk galore…some of which we brought up here in May 2000 and it’s NOT going back. We’ll have freebies and giveaways. Electrical things, medical things, tools of all sorts, manual, power, and cetera. Lawn and garden equipment…. rototiller, weed eater, push mower, power washer, musical stuff…. Philips boom box, ancient/dusty stereo unit, CD’s and DVD’s and cetera. Exercise equipment…. stationary bike, treadmill walker, cane, crutches. Prices going from Free/Gratis to .50 cents to $150 dollars…. plenty of off-road parking on our lawn out front!! Tell you what, we’re gonna try to see to it that it’s a funn two days…. dare I say an adventure. So….SO….here’s what you gotta do…. mark down Aug 11th and 12th….check around Aug 8th (for confirmation) on Facebook*tm, posters, etc. Then you need to go to the PTS Bank….that would be the ATM at Pennocks….and get some CASH….lots of CASH. If you’re coming from out of town, The Rotzys’ Farm is the first place on your right…. right at the ‘Nakina’ sign!! Maybe I’ll hang some balloons down front beside #584. Hope to see you…. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

*Thought Of The Day…If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your wife told you!

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.

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