June 11 – Somedays one should just stay in bed

There are days when the pillow may be the best thing you’ll see all day….stay in bed!

Rotzy just had one of those days…ugh.

Bad day at Black Rock….the cerebral output seems to be discombobulated, as the output from my computer. Obviously my editors couldn’t understand what I was trying to get across. And after encountering zero problems last week. You can use it (what there is of it). I’m off to the Rez at 6:20 for some cheap smokes and gazoline. Later.

PS….I’m NOT taking to any extreme measures…though computercide is a definite consideration….is it a criminal offense or does one receive a reward when on these infernal machines is put out of its misery.

“From Nakina”…
Eric…need your help with this one…as to your ‘print it as we get it policy’ as well as the close off….or scrap it if1you prefer….tyme to hang it up? I did up last week’s without a single glitch…screwed up today big tyme….or my PC did.

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Date: June 9, 2019 at 4:22 PM
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OoooEps…..ric #2…..got it? Need ypour help

— Need your hewlp wio—–
From: jbrotz jbrotz <jbrotz@bell.net>
To: The Times Star Editor <editor@thetimesstar.ca>
Date: June 9, 2019 at 1:09 PM
Subject: RE: “From Nakina”…

Eric….still looking for the rest of it…it was ALMOST done….didn’t get ‘saved as draft’…..I’ll get it to you this aft. DID Y’ALL HIT 29C YESTERDAY?

———- Original Message ———-
From: The Times Star Editor <editor@thetimesstar.ca>
Date: June 9, 2019 at 12:12 PM

We only received the first part.

See below


From: jbrotz jbrotz <jbrotz@bell.net>
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2019 11:58 AM
To: The Times Star Editor <editor@thetimesstar.ca>; jbrotz1639 <jbrotz1639@gmail.com>
Subject: “From Nakina”…


Eric….here’s this week’s “F/N” column. It landed OK? Bob.

“From Nakina”…

Got My First ‘Scoop’….
…since we landed in Brant’s Ford Oct 1st this morning shortly after 6:00 as I was having a puff down front at the ‘Smokers Outpost’. There was nary a cloud to be seen, but as I glanced southbound I spotted a HUGE column of black smoke rising into the sky with a light wind moving it westward….about a mile south of 555 Harris Place, so I zipped up to unit #303, and with Miz. Jo sleeping peacefully I left her a note that I’d gone to check things out. Down the Wayne Grezky Parkway (WGP) and east onto Henry St into an industrial area….parked Norm The Truck and walked to within about 300 yards from the fire, learned it was Northwest Rubber (they make every type of rubber-backed mat imaginable) from two guys standing on the sidewalk who were working inside when the fire started just before 6:00 and originated where the finished products are stored outside the plant….it seems all employees were evacuated without incident. I’m not sure how many units from the BTFD FD responded but there numerous hoses trained on the blaze. *9:45AM Update* Just went down front and it looks like the firemen are gaining on it, but it’s a long way from being out. As to my ‘first scoop’ down here, it’ll be old news when this edition hits the newsstands Wednesday, but as always, Rotzy can’t control deadlines.**2:45PM Update…..fire still going strong.
Telephone City Road Rage Update

Well, I done got off pretty light this past week….only getting ONE horn blast that I recall….no rude hand jestures, and zero ‘F-Shots’….at least none that I heard. I DID raise some eyebrows at Zehr’s Market one or two days as I was leaving my parking spot, when, rather than having to back out (which I know is a roll of the dice) rather than take the long way around, decided to drive over a 4” high cement platform….just slipped Norm The Truck into 4WD, and Bingo!….home free!!! The thing that concerns me now is that  news reports last week indicated Dougie Ford is gonna push for FINES for those driving too slow. So….SO….I’m trying to make some sense of what in hell he’s thinking? (did I say ‘thinking?’) and what in hell is next? Thus far, it appears certain to me, he wants to raise the current speed limits on certain highways, and it’s as obvious as the day is long (with June 22nd not far away) he wants to sell more beer, wine, and cetera….viia ‘corner stores etc. etc. Well, lemme get this straight….he wants me/us to drink more, drive 10 km/h faster, and if we don’t he’s gonna fine me/us. Lovely Doug, just lovely. You know, I’ve got a long-tyme friend/reader/PC guy up north who’s been dumping on me about thge Ont Liberals and the Fed Libs since forever. Provincially I voted our Liberal candidate, Mike Gravelle….never for Ms. Wynne, or Dalton for that matter. And I voted for our federal riding candidate, Liberal Patty Hajdu….NOT Junior Trudeau! However, with yours tr1ly not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, it just occured to me that as a staunch PC in Thunder Bay/Superior North….where the Conservatives haven’t won a fed or prov election in something like 40 years! In fact, the only tyme in that span was when Joe Comuzzi crossed the floor into Harper’s welcoming arms. Yet I’m sure my friend was miffed thaT mIZ. jO AND i got INVITED TO THat ceremony and not him!

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