If you are 50+, you should read this


AGEISM is where a professional, a doctor, a pharmacist and such, relate or treat you as if you are of less value because of your age. So, your doctor prescribes a medication or a treatment which is meant to simply “tide you over.” If you were years younger, they would treat your health issues more aggressively. Because you are “old” the doctor doesn’t prescribe as he/she would for a younger patient, perhaps physiotherapy, massages, a nutritionist.

Ask questions!

  • What other treatments are available?
  • Is a less potent medication with less side effects a viable alternative?
  • Who would you suggest to give a valid second opinion?
  • Alternate medications or therapies? Government funded?

Most professionals work with respect and care for their patients. However, sometimes they can also be overworked, stressed, anxious about something and overlook a treatment which they would use with a younger patient.

You may be older than many, and thank God you are, but you still deserve respect and proper care.

Don’t accept less !

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