DISCUSSION: “Just my typist…” Steve Bannon labels White House aide

Trump is becoming very upset with CNN News and this has serious implications and dangers.

View the video from CNN news and see why Trump is likely to be angered even more with the news network.

Recently, Jake Tapper, a highly regarded CNN journalist, interviewed Stephen Miller, a White House advisor to Trump. Nobody had ever heard of Stephen Miller before this interview. He has to have been a very low level aide in the White House as Steve Bannon labels Miller as being merely ‘my typist.’

The interview became very heated as Miller played coy, evaded and deflected Tapper’s relentless pursuit of valid information relating to Trump. The backdrop to Tapper’s interview was Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, a bestseller even before the first copy hit the sales’ book shelves.

Every question Tapper put to Miller, Miller deflected or rephrased to avoid giving a definitive response. Eventually, Tapper became exasperated with Miller’s evasiveness and cut off the interview saying he felt his viewers should not be subjected to the kind of quibbling and evasiveness that Miller was using.

View the interview



Trump is attacking democracy

Trump is far more dangerous than people realize. His “fake news” declarations are an outright assault on a fundamental feature of any democracy, freedom of the press. Trump is not only try to gag the press, to control it, to bend it to his will.

Trump’s relentless attacks on the press are attacks on democracy. His continual onslaughts against TV networks, newspapers, and journalists have repeated attempts to diminish and devalue the impact of the news media. If he can succeed in discrediting media sources, journalists and reporters, he will succeed in defeating the ‘fourth estate,’ the recognized defender of liberty and freedoms.

Remember the function of the media is to shine a light on what is happening and let the beam illuminate the actions of political leaders. The media reveals corruption, criminal activities, political miscreants, and scandals in the government of which the public should be informed. The media is not a political machine. It is a purveyor of facts. The goal of most journalists to maintain a high level of professionalism and strong dedication to principles of factual and authentic reporting. Occasionally, as in any human endeavour, they err but for the most part, the media are ethical and credible defenders of democracy. We need reporting such as that which led to the public exposures to various scandals in government and relating to political leaders: Watergate, Hans Schrieber, Gerda Munsinger, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Nicaragua (Oliver North)  and much more.

If and when Trump discredits anyone in or any part of the media, he will succeed in having the public believe that the media cannot be believed. When that happens, he will be able to control the news by convincing the public that the real news is not to be believed. This will be a catastrophic milestone in the death knell of democracy. First, the press. Next, personal freedoms. Then, the constitution. Canada’s Charter of Rights will follow.

Speak out when you hear politicians trying to handcuff the media. Defend the press, media and journalists. They may not always be right but they are trying to be. Shut them up and you will never know the truth. Support your news media, buy newspapers, subscribe to media publications…democracy needs every supporter it can get. Democracy nees you!


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