Libby: jewel of modern libraries

Libby is a one tap reader app used for reading books online.

Libby is an online (digital) book reading app associated with “Overdrive,”  a book cataloguing system used by many libraries in Canada and the United States.
The libraries in Florida give non-residents such as Canadian snowbirds electronic library cards permitting the cardholder to borrow digital material, books, magazines, movies and music.
American library accessibility opens a door to a vast quantity of digital material and this access seems far better than access to Canadian library sources. Size matters, I guess. Books which had 3-6 month ‘holds’ on them in Canada had no wait time in Florida, but were downloadable immediately.
Another curiosity here in the library system of Lauderdale is that book clubs seem to attract authors as guest speakers more readily than in Canada. It may be that the authors are wintering in Florida or residing in the state because of its endlessly good weather. This month, the book club at the nearby library branch is hosting Carl Hiaasen, author of “Razor Girl,” a popular read here at this time.

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