Mar 1 – new career consideration?

Quarantines affect people in various ways. In Rotzy’s case, he may have become a technology wizard. Soon he will hanging a new shingle outside his door, ya think? “Geek consultant, for hire”


Stormy Weather?
    Hardly. Even Nakina is near 0C these days! But down here around Brant’s Ford, it seems that if/when it snows, it’s referred to as a ‘storm’. And in last week’s column I made reference to the ‘snow removal’ job done by our keepers (*see below) here at the 535/555/575 Skyline Living compound. Well, dont’cha know that 2 days after the ‘perfect storm’ had deposited 5 inches of white here a front-end loader and dump truck arrived (!) and about 3 hours later the two ‘mountain ranges’ were GONE!! It was the first actual ‘removal’ since Miz. Jo and Rotzy got here in Oct 2018…and judging from the stares/gawks of several ‘day owners’ who have made it thru 6 or 7 winters, it may have been the first ever! Well, if we’d all been celebrating, 2 or 3 days after the last cork had been popped, we had an ‘imperfect’ storm’ of about 3 inches, which was matched just fine by Skyline’s ‘imperfect response tyme’. OK? Truth is, they were way past ‘imperfect’….their big Deere John with the big blade on the front rolled into the compound at 1:30PM….along with the salting unit truck! Too little, too late, as there’d been zee-ro precipitation since 6:30 AM and mild enough to turn it all to slush. A quick huddle by the judges and the ‘FAIL’ card was held aloft! Damn. Then there was a quick conversation by the judges to decide if our keepers (*see above) 1/ don’t know jack about snow removal and/or 2/ they are SO into ‘nickle and diming’ contractors when it comes to their cost of services and supplies, common sense goes out the window. Our panel decided on BOTH 1/ and 2/, and up went the ‘FAIL’ card again. S–t.

Isn’t Technology Grand?!
     Always. Sometymes. Part of the tyme. Lately, hardly ever. Of course Rotzy is referring to whatever tecky-tool, equipment and ceterea from Techno Land it is that you are wanting to employ/deploy is in ‘fully operational mode’. Yep….I meant that it ‘works’. OK? The thing/bottom line is with yours truly, after five days this past week (it’s now Sun 10:10AM) after going to Techno Hell and back is that ‘my ASUS*tm isn’t working right’. In fact, my ASUS*tm isn’t working at all for a goodly part of my waking hours going on a few weeks now. By the bye, ASUS*tm is my PC (Personal Computer) and happens to be the tecky-tool I employ to write “From Nakina” with, as well as mailing it out….and of course it’s the only apparatus I have to accomplish this weekly task. I do the “F/N” column Sat and Sun….3 or 4 hours each day. I’d been unable to Log In since last Mon….for FIVE days….altho NOT for lack of effort, or imagination, as Miz. Jo will attest to. Bell in Lynden Park Mall twice, Bell on fone (3 or 4 tymes), called Marco (not his real name) at Bell Tech, Best Valu Store, Computer Geeks, even Paul (not his real name) The 555 Computer Man…..fone calls, messages sent from Miz Jo’s i-pod, neighbours trying to help, other stuff too. Plus, methinks I had surely racked up 2 or 3 nervous breakdowns by Friday Noon….largely from the imminent “F/N” deadlines approaching. Well, dont’cha know yesterday mid-afternoon our middle son (name witheld), who has surely forgotten more about PC’s than Rotzy ever knew, ‘got involved’ on his own fone/PC and in an hour accomplished what I’d failed to do in five days!! I clicked ‘Log In’, saw it was accepted and shouted ‘Holy Cow’….or something like that. Bottom line #2 is that he/we aren’t sure what happened to cause the problem with my Password….all he (and Bell) did was add one character to the existing P-word….as I simply MAY have hit a wrong key, or I might have been ‘Hacked’. After he ‘splained’ the situation to me best he could, I felt more like I’d been Whacked, Smacked, Cracked, Shellacked, Hi-Jacked and Packed. Now you’re current from Rotzy’s Techno World #303 555H/P.

    “Well Toad” I said to myself, “it’s 8:45 Monday morn….and the 1st of March, about 14 days prior to the Ides Of March (if I recall correctly from Mr Ross’s grade 9 English Class in 1959), not a great period in the life of Julius Caesar”. But hey….nothing I/we can do about that situation, right? Besides, rather than worrying about ‘ye hard hearts of Rome’ and cetera, we’ve got stuff like lions and lambs on our hands/hoofs/paws, right? You know….the weather forecast. OK, OK, OK….you want the truth?  Rotzy does not put one more ounce of belief/concern/nor caring into this annual ‘March coming in like a lamb/going out like a lion’ thing (or vice-versa) than I do for Willie and Phil’s Groundhog Day but you gotta cut me some slack, after my five days in Techno-Land hell. Please don’t take this as a ‘waaaah, waaah, waaaah’ shout out…tho I’m guessing the grey matter in your’s truly’s pumpkin has been effectively reduced in actual effectiveness to that of a medium-size serving of creamed cauliflower. Put more simply, my IQ has become equal to that of a 3-minute egg. But as always, it could be worse. So….SO….as to Zoomer Radio at 6:00AM today issued this….2C….cloudy…..snow today, up to 2 c/m….possible rain….gusty winds up to 80k/hr this aft. ‘In like a lion’ for March 2021 if you ask me.

*Thought Of The Day…I’m not so sure about an inner child, but I do have an inner idiot who surfaces every now and then. (*see above)

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