From NAKINA...: Mar. 11 – Jerk of the year, Spring come on

Ya just gotta read the JOTY contest (Jerk of the Year).

Say What?
…Yesterday we had glorious sunshine and a reading of +2C here at Harris Place in Brant’s Ford, and Miz. Jo had a couple Facebook *tm back and forths with Nurse Pauline at the TH McKillip Clinic in Nakina, including mentioning our somewhat extensive (for us) walk around the compound here at 555. Anyway, I DO hope that folks up there in and around Nakina appreciate the ‘Herculean’ effort by Jo Ann and I to ‘re-direct’ some of our warmth and sun northward, which resulted in our former home town going up to 5C!….on the PLUS side of the ledger!!….and 3 degrees better than here in The Telephone City!!! Back to reality today for both of us….0C and scattered flurries for them and +6C here (Miz. Jo currently advised it’s +5C as at 9:55 EDST), tho it looks like rain all day. Hey….we’re getting there….to Spring….albeit in Nakina ‘getting there’ means you’re well into May.

It’s “F/N” JOTY Time
Rotzy just realized we haven’t had a Jerk Of The Year Contest for ages, and with a slate of ‘possibles’ that is out there in early 2019….which is the main subject/target of what most Readers Write about. I’ve got FOUR candidates to start with….and/or you can nominate your own…..and I’m working on a finding a ‘grand prize’ for the big winner, as well as the standard Trip To Hawaii for some lucky voter. So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here they are!
*Jerk #1…Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. Yours truly always thought he ‘rode his Dad’s shirttails into office’….but alas, I was wrong, as I heard it pointed out by some big name politician-person one day last week Trudeau did NOT win the election! Stephen Harper LOST it. But of course!! Anyway, the comings and goings of ministers and others close to him rank up there with JOTY Candidate #3 (*see below).
Jerk #2…Doug Ford, Ontario Premier. This guy is a one-man runaway freight train….and you better not get in his way! Also, he reminds me more and more of his late brother Rob….the former bombastic and belligerent mayor of Toronto, who in a very short tyme embarrassed virtually everyone who had marked an ‘x’ beside Ford’s name on the ballot. Dougie, of course, is in a MUCH more powerful position….he’s used/abused that power already, as HE sees fit. This freight train scares me. Watch out for him!!
*Jerk #3…Donald Trump…USA President. Of course! Hello??!!  How could anybody seriously run a JOTY Contest and NOT have Trump in it??!! I mean, c’mon man!! Also, we can’t have a Contest that is ‘Canadian only/others-need-not-apply’, can we?? Of course not….besides, in truth, who else in the world ‘sets the high water mark’ when it comes to standards of jerkdom’?? To quote Mel Lastman….”Nobody”! (*we’re just trying to be fair) Having said that, when it comes to people getting fired by Mr President and/or leaving on their own….last week Mr. Cohen testified ‘Trump is a liar, racist, narcissist’…Donald is in a league/world all of his own (*see above). Lastly, but not leastly,…
Jerk #4…Kim Jong-un…North Korean leader who meets with his good friend Donald on quite a regular basis. Kim’s the guy whose barber seems to have started a new ‘style’ that is catching on big tyme in North America! (*when I suggested to Miz Jo the other day something to the effect of Rotzy maybe ‘going with the K/J look’, she said ”no way”….or something like that. Hey, she’s likely right….it would clash with my scraggly grey and white beard, and the whiskers (which I’ve had since 1984) are going nowhere! Anyway, let’s get this “F/N” Contest up and running….get your votes (as often as you want) in to, and if you’ve come up with someone better deserving of such an honour, by all means, include him/her!! It would be wonderful to have some ‘underdog’ sneak in the back door. Let’s set a deadline of April Fools Day, OK? Stay tuned.  (More) …

Readers Write
We also had some interest/replies to my item on ‘Road Rage’ in last week’s column….even cases where the person being raged at (that could/would be the ‘ragee’), who is normally a calm easy-going sort, returning a heap of abuse (and/or physical damage) onto the person who was initially the ‘rager’. Maybe even ‘duking it out’ right there on the spot. I’d be lying if I indicated yours truly has never had the urge to react like this, but hey, we all make mistakes….even the best of drivers. These days, however, this olde guy would surely be the ‘ragee’ 90% of the tyme (for driving not fast enough to suit the ‘rager’), so when I DO fall into my 10% zone, rather than curse very loudly, ‘flip the bird’ and cetera I find it a lot easier on my B/P just to come up with a good belly laugh. So far, it’s working pretty good.

*Thought Of The Day…Change is good….but it’s not easy. (*from The Lion King)
“From Nakina”….until next tyme.

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