MAR 2021

March: Women’s History Month
The role of women in our society evolves continuously, every step seems to be an epic battle. The majority of Canadian women were enfranchised in 1918 after WW1 but were not legally recognized as persons until 1929. Quebec finally gave women the vote in 1940. First Nations women struggled for another 20 years.

Today, full gender equality may be debatable. What we cannot question is that women are not treated equally socially, nor economically. Women still seem to be treated as inferiors in our societies and in our economies. Violations against women seem to be growing rather than diminishing, domestic abuse cases, sexual crime incidents, workplace harassment occurrences. In times of crisis such as this pandemic, the numbers worsen.

We have laws but the police, the courts and the justice system can only go so far, do so much. Canada, like many other countries, is trying to balance gender equality. Fair and equal treatment of women still seems a goal rather than an achievement. Let’s ask ourselves some hard questions: why is it so; how can we improve the situation; how can we give women fairer treatment; how can we be more equitable; more inclusive; more just?

The battle for full equality continues. Women have cracked the ‘glass ceiling.’ Today, they are shattering it. We need to celebrate and honour the many women who have been on the front lines of the struggle, many in the past and many more continue today. A few names readily come to mind: Kim Campbell, Judy LaMarsh, Flora MacDonald, Viola Desmond, Hazel McCallion, Christine Elliott, Bonnie Crombie, Karen Stintz, Margaret Atwood, each an important battler yesterday and some today. This month we will be highlighting a number of notable women with but one regret, that there aren’t enough days in the month to raise a banner to all the women who deserve recognition and appreciation.

Let us close this introduction to this month’s newsletter with British poet  William Golding’s homage to women:

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men.
They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give
a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will
give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her
a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges
what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready
to receive a ton of shit!”

R.I.P. great riding partner (Ride in peace)
She was my riding partner across much of North America, from coast to coast and down to the Gulf of Mexico. Essential, dependable, never complaining, never letting me down. She was the crucial member of our travelling duo, never demanding, always ready. Neither rain nor shine, frigid temperatures or hellish heat stopped her. New Orleans should have done her in, the heat of the Sahara and the humidity of a sauna-bath, she rode on, seemingly without fatigue, definitely without complaint, never refusing me. A dinner for appreciation was never expected. She passed in joining me for tastings of fine wines. I fueled myself with fine dining while on road trips, she gave them a pass too.

She wasn’t old when she finally rode off, a lot of life left in her when she left. Still capable, her strength and her power undiminished. Not like me. Age crept up and weakened me. Age clawed back my strength, my capability, even my balance to some extent. Not her. She could still deliver anything asked of her.

So it is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I bid her goodbye and wish her continued safe travels.

Adieu partner, May you ride on, safely, far, and in peace.

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Covid times mean more reading time
For those of you who are not computer people, ease your COVID tension by escaping into books. Libraries are trying to establish a degree of normality again. Many are opening doors to sanitized interiors. They are safe to re-enter but wear a mask to be doubly safe and stay socially distanced.

For those of you who have technological capability and still want to escape with books, consider the works offered by the professional writers associated with our site:

Cheryl Bristow: AMAZON Books
Romance writer setting her story in the dying days of the Roman Empire




Ruth Coghill: Words of INSPIRATION
Lessons about life and living it fully.



Dennis Gazarek: Availability of his books
From the decline of GM to the development of young men;
Life coach, developmental mentor



Ginger Kuenzel: Utopian State
American humorist for out times



Peta-Gaye Nash: Essie on education
Children’s author with social commentary



Howard Pell: Retire Fit, Fit, Fit
Retirement planner, physically and economically



Rick Pyes: His website
Canadian military historian par excellence.




Sheila Tucker: Rags Dolls and Rage
Memoir writer with British roots



La Galleria
As well as writers, we have some artists associated with our site. Both groups are creative spirits who need support and encouragement. They are often working in isolation, alone in seclusion. Take a look at their work and leave them some words of encouragement. We know they will appreciate your support a lot.


Navigating our site ( ZOOM Meeting, Mar. 15, 7 PM )
We will be hosting a ZOOM meeting to help site visitors to learn easy ways of navigating our site page. There is an abundance of useful material there on a variety of topics but some visitors find it a challenge navigating the site. Join us for a short demonstration of how to navigate our site and you will learn useful ways to make your own Internet explorations better and easier.

To register for this event to receive ZOOM credentials, email:

Black History Month CONTEST
Our Black History Month contest was very challenging. The correct answers: Viola Desmond, Fergie Jenkins, Michelle Jean, Portia White, Oscar Peterson, Willie O’Ree and Lincoln Alexander

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