Mar 22 – COVID and Vaccination updates

Rotzy get us up to speed on the COVID news about vaccination and Disney World.

Readers Write
    The Inbound Mail basket had a lot of action last week….thank you for the numerous ‘get well’ wishes (*see below)….and of course the usual dozens of ‘COVID-19 related’ items/thoughts/opinions. No matter how ‘trivial’ some of them may appear at first glance, it makes it VERY clear just how this damned thing occupies/messes with our minds. It is what it is, and this reader puts an interesting spin on rolling up your sleeves….check it out. **My friend took the Pfizer vaccine. So phar he is pheeling phine and phantastic and so phar no phever**. Clever, huh? Well, dont-cha know, a week before I got that note, I had composed a sign to adorn our door at BGH, C5-522 that read ”Welcome to Cathy’s Phunn Pharm”, so I’m clearly on the same ‘wavelength’ as Phizer Inc! Not bad company to be keeping I’d say….if only ‘grammatically’ as opposed to ‘financially’. And if you read the NYSE, you know Pfizer has been one of the most rock solid pharmaceutical companies on the globe. Of course, they’re really making BIG money on the millions of COVID shots they produce.

Speaking Of Vaccine….
….Miz. Jo has been ‘getting a tad antsy’ for the past week or so, since neither of us have rolled up our sleeves yet. She’s 80….coming on 81….and Rotzy is 75….soon to turn 76….and people we know, and some we don’t know, in their 60’s and 70’s, got theirs 2 or three weeks ago! Our pharmacist is totally in the dark about ‘needling’ his customers and our doctor’s office has heard absolutely nothing from the gov’t regarding securing and distributing the serum. In spite of Junior Trudeau yattering on about their wonderful plans to look after ALL of Canada by July One (or whatever) Unfortunately, Junior’s got his foot so damned phar (oooops!) in his mouth these days, I know not what in hell he’s talking about….and it seems to me that when most of our similarly-aged neighbours take for granted we’re already ‘needled’. Hence, to satisfy Miz. Jo….and yours truly as well….we’ll try a different avenue/method this week. Perhaps I could ‘lean on’ some politician I’ve come to know to get me/us a couple vials?! Like Bob Rea! YESSSSS!!!! “Wrong”! I said (to myself)….”Hey Toad, he hasn’t spoken to you in 7 or 8 years!! S–t”. One way or t’other, Miz. Jo will get hers this week….and as for Rotzy, altho I’m not quite as ‘antsy’ as Nurse Jo Ann, I’d much prefer NOT to receive it in late 2023 or early 2024….posthumously. Stay safe, stay well. (*see below)

Mickey Mouse….
must be wondering what exactly it is his bosses are thinking. Or drinking. I hope I got/get this right as the news report last mid-week said that ”Disney Land(*tm) is going to re-open!”….soon, as I recall. I’m sure ‘Disney LAND’ was/is the first of Walt’s  bigger-than-life/like-none-other ‘amusement/theme parks’. It was ‘Disney brought to life’, with it’s cast of thousands….futuristic this, that and everything. Including RIDES, which showcased some really state-of-the-art/scare-the-crap-outta-you/never-before-seen stuff. Apparently including a ‘wild rollercoaster’. So….SO….the grand re-opening will include ALL of the standard COVID restrictions like masques, spacing and cetera. Perhaps even a new one or two. But here’s the kicker….and the one that has me worrying if Mickey has been told and how he….I mean The Mick IS the Boss, right??!!….will deal with the much-expected backlash. Here ya go Mickey….*Riders on the RollerCoaster are NOT allowed to scream or yell during the ride”. (the Zoomer Radio news reader read it, Rotzy didn’t believe it (I’m NOT making this up) so I listened to it again on the hour, and the news reader said it again!!) The yelling ties in with rules against singing and shouting because they all discharge a large amount of air….along with COVID and who-knows what else!!?? Anyway, one would think that whoever pulls the levers at Disney LAND coulda kept the ‘Coaster closed….but no….they’ve brought in this stupid/idiotic rule….AND he’s earned himself (and Mickey, since HE’s the Disney *TM) the not-very-prestigious “F/N” DDOTW Award….The “F/N” Dumbest Dink Of The Week Award. Congrats. By the bye, there was/is no indication as to whether it’ll be frowned upon if you toss your cookies!? Rotzy would/could never know because anything beyond the Under 5 Kiddies Karousel has always been a no-no for me. Good luck, Mickey!!

Getting Healthy…An Update
Team Rotzy has all been assembled and methinks I’ve only had one ‘day off’ since my release from BGH…the R/N had to cancel and re-book yesterday….so Miz. Jo and yours truly went visiting, then for a stroll around the lot. My Team is not unlike the Wood Brothers, NASCAR’s #1 Pit Crew for decades. MY crew is under the  I.C.C.P. banner (Integrated Comprehensive Care Project), including Andy The Boss, Sara, Dana, Jennifer, Matt, so far (not their real names), plus a couple doctors and my pharmacist….not to mention Nurse Jo Ann, the overseer of the entire program!  I’m being treated for C.H.F. (Congestive Heart Failure) and C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and each member has their own ‘specialty’….R/N, breathing, physio, and cetera….and virtually it’s all done here in Unit #303….altho I do have a ‘virtual’ appointment with my doctor in early April. Sounds like a LOT of ‘stuff’ going on to be sure, but I am feeling 100% better than I’ve felt for months and months….since getting rid of all that fluid and stuff. “Doing good”….to quote The Boog (not his real name) when I’m asked these days….”thanks”.

Bulletin/Update (*see above)….
….on our vaccine shots. Antsy schmantzy, and scrap that entire article three items above this one. Miz. Jo jumped into it yesterday late afternoon, foned J.O. (not his real name) after his suggestion that ‘oldsters need help with this booking stuff’. Indeed we do….make that ‘did’. In about 15 mnutes we both had our appointment time and location for Shot #1….and then for Shot #2. Bingo! What a relief, as it turned out Rotzy was a tad more antsy that I’d thought I was. And by the bye, we even phound out we’re getting the Pfizer vaccine…which is phine by Miz Jo and Rotzy! Stay safe. Stay well.

*Thought Of The Day…I do not have a beer belly/gut. I have developed a Liquid Grain Storage Facility.

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