Mar 29 –

Three cheers, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, Rotzy and better half got jabbed and now wait for their next jabbing 4 months from now.

Readers Write….
….and for a pleasant change, this one offered up an item that made nary mention of COVID-19….nor any of its’ variants….to sift through in an effort to find the humour. It went/goes like this….check it out: **I’m trying to set the record straight after an email got my attention the other day, in respect to an ongoing ‘thing’….sorry, it is NOT a ‘phenomenon’, nor is there anything ‘phenomenal’ about it….it’s been around since forever, or at least for as long as there have been plumbers. I’m referring, of course, to the ‘plumbers smile’, tho it by no means is relegated to plumbers only. It could be the ‘electricians grin’, the ‘carpet guy’s smirk’, etc. etc. Any and all tradesmen are allowed to participate, the cause of which is predicated/helped along by a pair of old, ill-fitting blue jeans….or, God-forbid, worn out, paper-thin, grey sweat pants with an elastic waistband that’s pretty well shot. So….SO….whoever sent the email fwd figured that rather than being critical of those who fix stuff the rest of us can’t/won’t touch (because they may require a slight ‘wardrobe adjustment’) it’s about tyme to have/show some respect. In the future, he feels strongly that rather than refer to it as a ‘plumbers’ smile’ and the likes, from here on it’ll be termed ‘trouser cleavage’. Much more respectful, you think? And yes, of course, there ARE women tradespeople….and Rotzy’s wondering if one of them had anything to do with the new terminology? Whatever….”trouser cleavage” it is!!

Road Rage Report
    Yours truly was definitely on the ‘giving’ end of a barrage of expletives last Wed in Zehr’s parking lot….tho I didn’t even mention it to Miz.Jo (untiI now I guess) so perhaps I was due?….aimed at a woman driving a big, new-ish, copper-coloured Ram pick up with the V-8 Hemi, loud twin exhausts, and a really LOUD horn, which she really gave to me as I was attempting to back out of my spot. It scared the crap out of me as there were no other vehicles in either direction, and she had to stop immediately at the stop sign, ONE ‘Ram-length’ ahead of her/us. Well, Rotzy ‘pointed that fact out to her’ but her reaction (or lack of one) spoke of a young person saying ”just another crazy old man driver”. Hey, this ‘crazy old man driver was gonna give her a little ‘RAM’ from behind with Norm The Truck’….like an ‘autograph’….but decided to ‘give her a brake’. Maybe I should learn how to work Norm’s horn? To retaliate. Maybe not….just stick with the barrage of f-shots.

One Down-One To Go
    One for Miz. Jo and one for Rotzy….COVID-19 shots that is. Last Thursday at Paris Fair Grounds….Jo Ann’s at 1:25 and me at 1:35….and the last tyme we went ‘Hi Ho off to The Fair’ was decades ago and we saw cows….lots of cows….and a wonderful steam tractor demonstration. But this was Pfizer*tm tyme and we were about 15 minutes before the first appointment but they told us to get in line with some other oldsters, answer some questions, then our group of 9 or 10 repeated the ‘COVID-19 Oath’ (or something like that), they lined us up again, and a few short minutes later we got ‘Phizered’, then sat 15 minutes in the ‘recovery area’, 2 or 3 more questions and we headed back to Brant’s Ford in the Equinox….a few minutes BEFORE our actual appointment tymes! By the bye, for sure there was NOBODY under 70 in the crowd, with canes, walkers, wheelchairs and cetera all in high demand. Anyway, our second shots are in early July….at the olde Market Square….and we hope it runs as smoothly as going to The Fair.

In And Around 555 ‘Harris Place’
    *All kinds of stuff happening this past week….some good, some not so good. Firstly, I got a note from #54 (not his real name) this ayem wondering ”how are your O2 levels”? (we’d dropped in on him and the Missus last Monday to return some kinda ‘charging cable’ he’d loaned Miz. Jo for her i-Pad whilst Rotzy was incarcerated in BGH a couple weeks back) Well, Rotzy didn’t spend 2 2/3 years at PJCVS (1959-62) just for the phunn of it, and during my second tyme around in Grade 10 my genuine thirst for knowldege found me under the watchful eye of our Science Teacher, Mr Robert Pynn….whom I/we referred to as ‘Bobby’, of course, altho not to his face. And, aside from learning about ‘pulley systems’ (1,2 and 3), how to dissect a frog, and cetera, he taught us that 02 is Oxygen, and how everybody and just about everything needs it to survive. In fact, as I recall, Mr Pynn used the frog (who had already ‘croaked’) as an example of what happens without 02. So….SO….as to ‘(MY) 02 levels’? I picked up an Oxi-Metre*tm for $40 at Woolco…like a clothespeg that clamps on your finger and measures the 02 in your blood flow. At first in the 73/74 range….not good….now they’re well into the 90’s….excellent. Breathing exercises/equipment, puffers 3-4 tymes daily, water (pee) pills and 02 via plastic tube into my nose all night. I have three portable tanks but don’t need/use them at all. **Said my ‘goodbyes’ to my ‘smoking buddy Steve (not his real name) yesterday, who along with his wife are now enroute to Nova Scotia….to another Skyline Living building, with two more bedrooms than their  cramped unit here. It looked like a mini-convoy, with Steve’s SUV hauling a U-Haul*tm cube trailer, then the 26’ U-Haul Truck hauling his wife’s vehicle on a flat-bed trailer. Not to forget George The Dog (his real name), their loveable/tail-wagging/treat-begging, 30 lb bundle of white curls….George is at/near the top of my faves list here at 555. Safe trip and all the best, folks! ***Our neighbour Rob (not his real name) from 2 doors down went out early this ayem via EMS. I checked in with his wife after lunch she mentioned ‘angina’…. last night he’d been admitted and she mentioned something about tests….today in Hamilton? I said the usual….”we’re thinking of you both” and ”let us know if we can da da da da”. Seems we’re doing that a lot lately.

*Thought Of The Day…I walk around like everything’s fine. But deep down in my shoe, my sock has a hole in it.

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