From NAKINA...: Mar. 4 – Memory fading, Elevator know how

Not smilin’ much…dental pain ain’t funny!

You May Recall….
….that I made mention here last week that yours truly had possibly endured a ‘Norman Thayer Moment’ a couple weeks back. Norman Thayer (played by Henry Fonda) was the lead character in the 1980’s movie On Golden Pond, and early on in the film Norman’s wife Ethel (played by Katherine Hepburn) had sent him out with tin pail to pick wild strawberries around their cottage. Long story short, altho they’d been vacationing there for decades, suddenly it was all new to Norm and he was lost, broke out in a sweat and got panicky….eventually finding his way home, but not even one strawberry in his pail. Well, Rotzy’s ‘Norman Thayer Moment’ was not that ‘dramatic’….in truth I chuckled when I figured things out the next day. Miz. Jo looks after dropping our daily bag of garbage down the chute at the end of our hall and I look after the stuff for the recycle bin out in the parking lot….the bagful held in my right hand, left hand firmly on the steel railing, while I do the ‘Cincinnatti Shuffle’ from the 3rd floor down to the exit door, halfway between the 1st and 2nd floors. Except for the tyme I went down to Floor 1. Anyway, I figured out where I had erred the next day, and said (to myself) “Way to go, Toad”! Or something like that. Pleased to report there have been zero repeat performances.

On The Other Hand….
….I’ll ask if you don’t mind keeping this next item BYAM….between you and me….as I’d just as soon word doesn’t get around here at #555 Harris Place….especially on the elevators, of which there are a couple, Ella (vator) #1 and Ella (vator) #2. Firstly, all fellow riders are VERY polite whenever yours truly boards one, always asking ”what floor sir”? However, whenever I’m on one alone….which is quite often…I am QUITE capable of deciding which floor I want, thank you! Having said that….remember this is BYAM!!!….I’m not sure why, or for what length of tyme, I stood in Ella #2 one day last week staring blankly at the selection panel on the wall, with NONE of the floor numbers lit up. I expect it could’ve been only a matter of seconds, yet I am relatively sure it wasn’t five minutes….and I’m positive it was well under ten minutes. Guaranteed. And to the best of my recall, it only happened that one tyme…I think.

It Seems To Me…
….that ‘road rage’ is a very popular past tyme down here in the Banana Belt (*see below)….or perhaps because of certain tendencies I’ve ‘acquired over the years’, such as not driving as fast as others think I SHOULD be driving, just maybe the olde guy has become an easy target for others to flip the bird at, hurl obscenities and other signals at….many of which I’m still learning, tho I’m sure I will. West St….after it changes from Park Rd North….is a good example, and all/most of it I travel on is 50 km/h. Hence, I TRY to drive it….between 50 and 52….but I am obviously going too SLOW. Another dandy is WGP…Wayne Gretzky Parkway….which is 70 km/h!! and a couple good stretches where one can really ‘get into the gas pedal’. Even Rotzy does now, and Norm The Truck can get up and go when he wants!! So, we take it up to 80 ‘really quickly’, coast back down to 70, and they’re flying by us like we’re standing still. Anyway, rather than start up with the bird flipping, and other rude things, Norm and yours truly are making it a ‘funn thing’ albeit sometymes it’s about as much funn as influenza, but Hey….we’re working at it!

Bad Week…
….and it ain’t over yet….’it’ being the sorry-ass state of my teeth. I erroneously thought I had a TOOTH-ache….but find it’s a TEETH-ache. It’s Sunday, March 3rd as I write this and the left side of Rotzy’s pumpkin has felt like it’s about to explode for almost a week. But I digress. For starters, my total and absolute fear of Dentists is legendary….at least in my own mind it is….with perhaps the exception of Dr Frank up in Geraldton (for a few fillings here and there) but then he retired several years ago! I’ve not set foot in a dental office since then….until I found my way to Brantford North Dental last Friday, a mere three-minute drive from #555 Harris Place, where I was given a form to take home and fill out, then report for an appointment 1:00 PM Saturday (yesterday). At that point methinks I was hoping/praying for a simple tooth extraction, and some long-awaited RELIEF….tho I drew little, if any, relief from the fact that McLeister Funeral Home sat/sits just a couple doors south of my new Dentist, ‘just in case’??!! So….SO….following a number of X-rays….a consultation and inspection….I got a R/X for three different/new meds….yet I still have my tooth, and accompanying tooth-ACHE….plus I’ll be getting a fone call Monday AM from the nearby office of the Dental Surgeon who is actually gonna pull the tooth….however the Btfd North Dental guy says he’s recommending/suggesting THREE teeth will have to go, including one impacted wisdom tooth!!! Lovely, you think? Stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day:  Forget world peace. Visualize using your turn signal. (*see above)

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