May 13 – Rainy spring taking its toll on us all

I was on the wrong end….
….of two separate ‘road rage’ incidents last week. The first was on my Rez Run for smokes and gasoline and I had taken Miz. Jo along to show her the NASCAR track in Oshweken, where a large sign proclaimed Kenny Schrader will be the special guest at an upcoming race, joining the likes of Tony Stewart and other big names from previous races. Anyway, I guess I wasn’t going fast enough for the lady behind me, so she got on her horn pretty good, yet I was spared any rude gestures and/or cursing. Besides, she turned left at the next intersection….so I told her ”have a nice day ma’am”. However, the next day I wasn’t spared anything as I was heading west on Lynden Ave, just before it becomes Fairview, by a madman in a big, black, all-decked-out Ford F-250 pickup. This guy went absolutely bonkers on me….once more I’m guessing because of the speed (or lack of it) I was driving….and whilst hanging out the driver’s door called me everything but a white man, a number of hand gestures (only two of which I recognized), then he put the pedal to the metal and in a cloud of dust and smoke, I swear he went from 50km/h to 50 MP/H in 2 or 3 seconds, then ran a yellow/red light….so I quickly told him “have a great day sir”. Or something like that. Jeez….why is everybody in such a hurry?! Oh yes, there WAS one more ‘horn incident’ by a lady driver in Zehr’s (Fairview) parking lot….as I was backing out of my spot, she obviously mistook me as somebody with eyes in the back of my head, and I’d just as soon not tell you what said to her. I just might have to ‘alter’ my driving style….go back to when I was 16 driving my Dad’s’ 1955 Meteor with the T-Bird engine and all my friends called me ‘Leadfoot’. You think?

A couple weeks back….
….as Brantford was enjoying 20 + temperatures, Miz. Jo and Rotzy decided to try and re-direct some of our heat/good fortunes northward to our friends and neighbours in Nakina and surrounding area, where we’d called home for 20 years. They’d just endured another one-foot dump of snow, after a long very snowy winter. Well, don’t-cha know our re-direction efforts worked out VERY well indeed….for the ‘Northerners’ and they’ve been enjoying warmth and sunshine for a week now. Btfd has been the s–ts. For example, today (Sunday the 13th) we have rain all day and a ‘high’ of 7C….Nakina (which is three days north of here) will enjoy wall to wall sunshine and 18C! Imagine.

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