May 20 – Spring is back…whew !

Rotzy’s cheery again…spring must be here…

‘Twas Quite A week….
….it was! Started off with a Times-Star deadline Rotzy missed….for the first tyme since the Dead Sea was only sick….so, my page was filled with something else, tho I can only guess what it was. I did manage somehow to get a couple paragraphs off to those on my mailout list…..albeit a rather ‘lame’ effort. And I think the T.O.T.D. (Thought Of The Day) was missing as well as my standard weekly ‘sign off’….hence there’s no way to go but up, right? One of the items I addressed were two recent ‘road rage’ incidents yours truly was on the wrong end of. And both, it would seem, were because I wasn’t driving fast enough to suit the person behind me. #1 was a woman driver out on the Rez as I was enroute to showing Miz. Jo the dandy NASCAR race track in Osweken…that one got me a major horn blast, but no cursing and/or rude gestures, as the lady signaled then turned left off the main drag one block later! Rage #2 was a madman who went absolutely berserk on me on Fairview near the Zehr’s Market. He came totally undone, screaming and cursing, calling me everything but a white man, flailing his arms with every gesture I’ve ever seen, and some I hadn’t. So….SO….I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, if you get stopped for a red light, this guy is gonna rip your face off”!! However, just as I was contemplating this scenario, he flipped the bird at me big-tyme, hit the gas pedal, then amidst a cloud of dust and smoke, I swear his ‘all decked out’ Ford F-250 pickup went from 50km/h to 50 MP/H in about 2 seconds. Anyway, with my face still (gratefully) intact, and is always the case with these ‘ragers’, I smiled, waved and said “you have a nice day too”? Yet I expect the message never quite gets through.

Last Week’s News….
….included a report from the GTA about some 300 + CATS being found in an apartment. I can’t even get my head what that would smell like, never mind the health and safety issues involved. If memory serves, the SPCA were gonna be able to ‘save’ about 70 of them….or were they to be ‘spayed’? And, what about the rest of them? The entire situation is WAY beyond sad, and why a neighbour didn’t report the owners a LONG tyme ago boggles my mind….likely it was some folks who ‘didn’t want to get involved’….nor ‘to make waves. I guess when I finish this I’ll Google*tm it up and see what’s what. A sad situation for sure….and even sadder when you’re one of the felines that doesn’t ‘make the cut’.

….we’re getting up to temps that they call ‘normal for this tyme of year. For the past couple week’s Miz. Jo and Rotzy have been doing what we can to direct some of May’s warmer weather up to Nakina, for all our former friends and neighbours to enjoy whilst the glaciers slowly retreat….to the point they’ve often seen warmer days than we’ve seen here at Harris Place in Brantford. But after hearing 92.0 The Grand F/M this ayem, we’ll outdo them today for sure…..and 28C with a ‘Humidex reading’ of 35C as one fellow just told me riding up on the elevator! Wow!! Shorts, T-s and a couple Tall Boys as we enjoy The Big Opening Of Summer BBQ at a friend’s spread just east of town….between 15 and 25 people invited….to sample/enjoy, as the chef told me, foods from around the globe. If I remember correctly, we’re starting ‘in the south’ (US of A of course) so it could be Louisiana/cajun style or maybe ‘Low Country’ cooking from the Carolinas. Then we’re off to Europe, to the Middle East, then who knows where? I wouldn’t be surprised to get into the Orient as well….looking forward to it.

Gardens/Gardening Update
    Well, our radishes are up nicely, two kinds of onions just behind them, no sign of carrots, beets or green and yellow beans….but this weather/heat is ideal. Miz Jo planted two ‘kit pots’ with ‘everything included’ the other day….basil and strawberries. Yesterday we took a 10 minute drive just north and west to the Elberta Garden Centre….along with most of the rest of Brantford, half of them/us at Elberta’s and half at Walters next door….grabbed two LARGE tomato plants, a Cherry Red (that could reach 72 inches high) as well as one Patio, both of which should do well on our balcony as it gets direct sun from about noon onward. Also got an assorted herb pot that has/will have everything we need. Tyme to ‘get growing’ in the Telephone City.

Readers Write
    And more than a couple have indicated the Ontario PC’s are doing what needs doing in order to ‘get the mess they ‘inherited’ from the Liberals’….the McGuinty and Wynne governments….straightened out and out from under the messive debt. Yet, nary a one of them (to my recollection) has even remotely suggested ‘it’s because of Doug Ford’s leadership’. Well, the latest polls (Fri May 17) indicate a large groundswell of Ontarians (Conservatives included!) who are not at all happy/impressed with Doug Ford…the large percentage of whom are very upset with the new PC Budget, and the ensuing cuts it will bring…the GTA seemingly being hardest hit….hence the recent Popularity Poll has Andrea Horwath and her Orange Team going past Fordo into First Place. The most common reason for folks abandoning the Good Ship PC is Dougie and his money people are simply trying to do too much too soon. Well, yours truly said as much right here in this space a few weeks back. Imagine.

*Thought Of The Day…If the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio of a coconut, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat???

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