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Daylight Savings time happens this month on March 12. So, Spring ahead, and lose 1 hour of sleep, or so they say. Spring begins at the end of March. So, look forward to the warmer weather. Had enough of this cold.

Memory loss of any kind, be it short term or long term, can be difficult for seniors. I forget things all the time, but I’m told that’s normal for me.

My parents are 25 years older than I am, and I am a senior! They are both still very capable, but their memory isn’t what it used to be.

They tend to repeat conversations made a few moments ago. Ask about something that has happened or will happen about which they were just informed or just happen to remember at that time.

Small things can happen, like being offered a drink or snack while visiting, and if declined, repeating the offer every so often. Sometimes it is just easier for all to accept the offer. That way they can see it has been offered and accepted.

Appointments of any kind from doctors to family visits or other functions are a bigger issue. They need to be reminded of the appointment beforehand, as well as on the day of the appointment, and it must be detailed as to what it is for. And if you are taking them to that appointment, when you will arrive to pick them up.

Sometimes they feel lost or debilitated when their memory affects them so much. My mother even told me once she feels like she is losing her mind when she can’t remember things and knows she has forgotten something. Many times, she said she has something she wanted to tell me, but can’t remember. We even gave them each a blank journal so they could write down the thoughts they want to remember later.

We have to learn when being with them to remember to be patient, kind, polite, practical, and repetitive when we talk to them about their day and appointments.

A smile and a “Thank You” goes a long way!


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