Minimize ZOOM risks

Many claims have been made about the vulnerability of ZOOM video-conferencing. This American company has created patches and notified users about procedures they have installed on ZOOM to minimize the risks associated with the app.

Here is a list of guidelines to follow to reduce the risks of being ZOOMBOMBED where your meeting is disrupted or crucial material is stolen:


  1. Invitation URLs are generated when a host creates a meeting. Copy it and send it to your participants via email.
  2. Meeting IDs are generated by ZOOM when it is launched. Send the ID to your potential meeting participants via email.
  3. PASSWORDS are also generated by ZOOM when a host creates a meeting, a set of 6 numbers is created as a password. Send this password to your participants by email.
  4. WAITING Room: configure your ZOOM settings so there is a waiting room into which new participants enter and wait for your recognition and permission for their meeting participation.
  5. LOCK MEETINGS once a meeting has started and all your participants have arrived, lock the meeting so no new participant can join the meeting. Intruders are blocked from entry.
  6. SCREEN SHARE: to prevent anyone from displaying or sharing unwanted material, lock the screen share capability restricting it to the host only.


INVITATION TO JOIN should be received from the host of any legitimate meeting.

PASSWORDs: legitimate meetings should have a password for joining sent by the host.


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