Nightly whiz !

The older you get, the less elastic your bladder. So a bathroom call halfway through the night is normal, maybe even two over a long night. But some cautionary notes about that nightly ‘pit stop.’

A very important warning for those who wake up at night to go to the bathroom…
You must be careful and use the “One-and-a-Half-minute rule” which is scientifically proven. By waking up suddenly for one’s physiological needs normally, we often hear that someone “was well in good health and died suddenly during the night without reason. “

The most likely reason is that when that person woke up to go to the bathroom, they got up from bed in a hurry, but the brain needs greater blood flow, for having rested, causing a state of fainting and that is when the stroke happens.  The “One-and-a-Half-minute rule” can save your life

When you wake up to go to the bathroom: 

  1. Lie back for 30 seconds after waking up
  2. Then sit up in bed for 30 more seconds lowering your legs quietly
  3. Sit like that for another 30 seconds”…
    only then get up to go to the bathroom.

These steps will greatly increase your chances of surviving a sudden stroke, regardless of age…

Source: Reg Rea, In house contributor

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