Notezilla…33% off

Success! After a long time of prodding and cajolling, the NOTEZILLA people have relented. Our website visitors can install NOTEZILLA sticky notes for the fantastic price of $19.95, a tremendous discount.

You need to enter the coupon code listed.

I have been raving about NOTEZILLA for nearly 2 years and the more I use it, the more useful it becomes.

It is on my desktop computer, as well as my other devices. I do not have to resave to have any note updated automatically everywhere. Notezilla does this by default.

Notezilla can be used to:

Set reminders with an audible alarm
Make notes while on the phone
Make notes as to how something is done on the PC
Write data
Save notations.

The list of how NOTEZILLA can be used is limited only by your imagination. You can add photos to the note, you can use colour to help organize, you can tag notes to help find them (yes, in no time you will have that many).

Simply put, this is an outstanding application. Now, you can purchase it at a real saving (the discount is applicable to other products produced by this company but try NOTEZILLA first.)

I do not have to promise you your money back because this program is that good. Use it for a month and you will be convinced of its excellence.

The coupon code is CW-30-SS751

The download site is at NOTEZILLA DOWNLOAD

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