Nov 2 – An election is going on? Huh? Where? When?

Life all around is becoming a bit screwy, virtual in Rotzy’s words but he’s got all his marbles and his ‘play’ is as energized and invigorated as ever…

Readers Write
    A little bit of ‘COVID-19 style humour’ from the readership….check ’em out: *Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or do we just keep washing our hands? **I heard that 13-yr olds today are having ‘relationship stress’. Really!!?? Heck, when I was that age, I closed the fridge slowly to see how the light goes off! ***When you’re young you play with marbles. When you’re olde you start losing them. ****So far 2020 is like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by an airplane! (thanks folks)

Taking And Giving Back
    Well, the olde guy should be good to go for the 2020/21 cold and flu season. After a couple unsuccessful attempts at getting a shot because their vaccine rations had run short (they were only getting 40 at a tyme for 2 doctors with 3000 + patients), his nurse foned last Fri ayem about one of my prescriptions, hence I asked about flu shots. She indicated there MIGHT be a 1:03PM opening, and Rotzy pounced. I was in and out in five minutes, opting for the ‘heavy dosage’, and tho I pointed out that for the second year running I shed not a tear during the procedure, yet there was no Tootsie Roll Pop*tm treat forthcoming as ‘they’d run outta them too’. As to ‘giving back’ (*see above), Rotzy’s turn comes next week, Tues Nov 3rd at 1:30PM at the Cda Blood Services Donor Clinic over on Buchanan Cr., my THIRD such visit, giving me a Hat Trick!! A unit of type ‘0-Negative’ I hastily add! Of course I was 75 when I became a ‘rookie donor’!, but having said that YOU don’t have to be ‘a ripe olde age’ to become part of Canada’s Lifeline!!

By The Bye….
….it’s only coincidence that I’ll be parting ways with one unit of MY blood on the same day as the ‘bloodletting in the US of A’! AKA the US Presidential Election….is FINALLY taking place. Jeez, Rotzy almost feels like I’m going out on a limb here, merely by stating that ‘the vote’ is actually going to happen. Sorry folks but there aren’t/won’t be any predictions “From Nakina”. However, yours truly DOES have a feeling that the election will really be mucked up…they’ve already been warned about serious troubles with the mail-in votes, tallying/counting disagreements….and many are already talking about a delay of two weeks or more before final results are known/broadcast. I expect this one will make Trump and Ms. Rodham-Clinton’s hey-rube in 2016 seem trivial in comparison to Biden vs Trump. Especially if it appears to be a victory for Sleepy Joe….to quote Trump. Donny has also declared (loosely quoted) there shall be chaos and calamity running wild throughout America, the likes of which have never been seen, if he (Trump) loses! Is that perhaps a ‘new’ way for Donald to get votes, or what!? I can’t recall him even hinting at the possibility of him losing. Ever. Then again….if he wins….again!!??

I Heard An Interesting Clip….
….on CBC Radio One this morning (Sun) and it started off by naming several famous Americans who said (”they) would leave the USA if Trump wins the Presidency!” By the bye, this was back in 2016, and the dissenters included rapper Snoop Dog, a couple other well-known names….AND….Barbara Streisand!! You may recall Trump prevailed over Ms Rodham-Clinton….but….the threats made by Barbs, Snoopster and the rest turned out to be hollow as Hillary’s relationship with Slick Willy. However, a goodly number of Americans DID ‘flee to Canada’ and judging by their voices (and the prominence of ‘y’alls’) most of them came from south of The Mason Dixon Line. Rotzy LOVES those Kentucky/Tennessee accents, as well as some from farther southbound, the interviews were great and one surely had to appreciate the effort most of them were bringing forth in trying to cut back on their ‘y’alls’ as well as using ”the Canadian ‘eh” more regularly. Of course, as it was broadcast on Radio, I can only imagine a lot of “WWE” and ‘RAW’ T-shirts and NASCAR coats and caps. I suppose E/T (Entertainment Tonight) will let us know if there is a 2020 exodus of big names heading north of the 49th if Biden doesn’t pull off a win. Then again, maybe somebody should advise these ‘stars’ that our border is still closed!! (COVID-19!) Big names, like the Raptors and the Blue Jays….so take a number Barbra and we’ll call ya when it’s clear, OK? Just wondering…..wouldn’t it be really something if Canadians got as interested in our OWN federal election(s) as we have in this mind numbing/truth bending/zillion dollar/Barnum And Bailey-like production that becomes the ‘fuel/fodder’ for Wolf Blitzer and his CNN cronies to pump out on a regularly ‘Breaking News’ schedule like there’s no tomorrow? Rant complete. I’m feeling better now, thank you.

‘VIRTUALLY’ Speaking
    I recently realized (again) that “From Nakina” used the word ‘virtually’ quite regularly in days/years gone by… any number of applications and likely because I figured it to be a good word, and ‘user friendly’ in any/many situations. But that was then. I don’t use it anymore. Not necessarily a conscious effort/attempt to avoid it, it’s just that it’s too close to the word ‘VIRTUAL’….which is too close to COVID-19. Still with me? Good. So….SO….in Rotzy-ese, ‘virtual’ means a couple/few different things….such as fake/not real/pretend….when tied in with COVID-19, real or merely a threat of it. I’ll give you an easy one to start, OK? A ‘virtual’ doctor’s appointment. Rotzy’s had 2 or 3 of ’em. It’s not a real appointment, it’s a fone call! Got it? Now if all you want/need to do is ask a simple question about a prescription, Virtual is fine. If you think your humorous is maybe broken….well, they’ve still got some ‘fine-tuning’ to do on Virtual broken bones, but you could take an Aspirin*tm or two. OR you could call ‘Doctor On Demand’….one of a number of ‘companies’ operated by Dr. Phil (this one along with his oldest son) and y’all know that Dr. Phil is about as ‘Virtual’ as it gets. Ditto for Missus Phil….y’all know, the one with the giant pumpkin, plastic face and the 10-inch waist. Anyway, good luck with D.O.D. Here’s a good example from another field….Sports. The OHA Junior A  Hockey League MIGHT go ‘Virtual’ this season. No fans in the building and ‘no body contact allowed’!! (*well that will go over like a lead balloon, huh?) Music you say? Wanna see/hear some live music? Sorry bub/ma’am. It’s all ‘Virtual’ nowadays. Well yes, the musicians are ‘live/alive’…tho you’ll see them on a screen of your choice. Bingo….now THAT will be funn. There are SO damned many different applications out there that could ‘go Virtual’, your entire day could virtually be ‘virtual’. Imagine. Holy s–t.

*Thought Of The Day…If you’re going through Hell, keep going.   *Thanks Richard! (not his real name)

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