Nov 25 – Cherry picking continues…

Rotzy’s still spittin’ out the pits

Readers Write
We’re still receiving a fair amount of notes/letters regarding Don Cherry getting canned by the ‘establishment’ at HNIC, virtually all of them very supportive of Grapes….which should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen even just a few Coaches Corner episodes. But one reader, altho supportive of Cherry (*see below), insists Grapes won’t be back because ‘he doesn’t want the job’. Really? That’s an angle Rotzy hasn’t really checked out/explored yet, other than hearing something about ‘podcasts’, and working with his son/grandson, but I expect that at age 85 maybe he really HAS had enough with the HNIC bunch, you think? As to a ‘replacement’, forget it! Maybe a new format with Ron Mc Lean going it alone? If anybody could pull that off it’s Ron….but…..don’t get your shorts in a knot yet! “From Nakina” still says Cherry WILL return to C/C by the All-Star Break.

Are You Kidding Me?
Yours truly heard this item on Zoomer 740AM Radio….the home of Robbie Lane….last week on the Sports/News and I’m wondering if they’ve ‘put something in the river’ up in Guelph recently. The Speed River actually, and I’m guessing here that perhaps ‘some sort of substance’ that might cause the good people of The Royal City a temporary loss of common sense simply by drinking tap water?! This is what I heard….methinks! ‘Midget Basketball’ does NOT exist in Guelph anymore. Well, no….it DOES still exist….it just isn’t called ‘Midget’ anymore. ”Why not?” you ask. Because the mother of a boy who has/suffers from ‘dwarfism’ doesn’t approve of the derogatory term ‘Midget’. No, I don’t know if he was trying out for the team or not, nor do I know how severely his dwarfism affects him. Seems that has already become ‘secondary’.  Anyway, the kindly/thoughtful people (*see below) who run the basketball program are changing (have already changed?) the names for ALL of their age divisions, with hopes no one else will be ‘offended’. Good luck. Well now, dont’cha know Minor Hockey (The OMHA!) sounds very much as if they’re gonna follow-suit with their gigantic program, to be followed shortly by the CMHL??!! Goodness me….from Tyke (or Atom?) to Juvenile all getting new names. And what about *Timbits? Pretty sure the term ‘Donut Holes’ is already taken. Then, all the other minor sports will heed the need to toe the line….football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, skiing, tennis, badminton, swimming, water polo, rodeo, golf, fencing, track, field, wrestling….and WWF midget wrestling for sure! I gotta get hold of R/B….maybe he can shed more light on how/why in hell another giant serving of Common Sense done died….in Guelph of all places!!

The Snowflake Generation
Miz. Jo came upon this scathing report on Facebook*tm last week which had BBC’s Piers Morgan taking a major run at today’s youth, who he calls The Snowflake Generation….not to mention the adults who are raising them (see above), and by Morgan’s standards NOT doing it very well. He makes what seems to be several valid points such as referring to them as ‘soft’….’like parent, like child’, eh?….and you know he sees mom and dad in the same light. Soft. He goes into a big rant about ‘not knowing how to lose’ and that you (well, most of us and including himself) ‘have to lose before we can win’. But today’s child’s gotta be rewarded….always!….like winning a trophy for coming in 25th in a race. But why??? Because the girl who finished 85th won one too!! Check out Piers Morgan, The Snowflake Generation on Google*. If you don’t like it, I’m sure you’ll be amongst the majority. No problem.


I Don’t Want To Flog….
….this Don Cherry thing endlessy, however I neglected to point out earlier (*see above) the “F/N” readership were very supportive of Grapes’ concern at the lack of poppies being worn by Canadians prior to Nov 11th, but instead of pinning their concerns on 3 or 4 different different races of ‘new Canadians’, zeroed in on the fact that Canadian YOUTH (be it 2nd, 3rd, or 8th generation borne on Canadian soil) who were without the Remembrance Day symbol. In fact, two of the “From Nakina” faithful were actually there in Toronto that week, and in fact ‘made their own mental note of it’….even BEFORE Cherry delivered his fateful HNIC message. So….SO….Grapes wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, the only Canadian to notice a big shortage of poppies being worn. He just has a much larger audience to hear his comments when he speaks up. One reader is convinced it’s because Canadian kids haven’t had the same ‘exposure’ to war as to children borne in the early 1900’s and/or from 1930 to 1955….and that is not meant to discredit our forces efforts in Afghanistan, etc. as well as UN Peace-keeping Missions. Regardless, thumbs up to The Legion….they do an amazing job!! As to yours truly….I bought/wore one for almost two weeks and keep one on each sunvisor year round in Norm The Truck…..remember, ‘we shall never forget’.

*Thought Of The Day…The best reason you live in Canada is watching American politics.

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