From NAKINA...: Nov. 26

Toenails and VIP treatment.

The King of Rotzania writes…

As Of Last Tuesday….
Miz. Jo and Yours Truly are now ‘V.I.P.’s’! Imagine! Because whilst checking out a strip mall last week I hadn’t been into, a big sign jumped out at me….’VIP Nails And Spa’. I didn’t care about the ‘Spa’ part of it….nor the ‘VIP’ for that matter….but I was getting rather desperate to find someone/someplace to get my toenails cut! In Nakina I had been looked after for a number of years under the diabetes group foot care program….by my Foot Lady, initially Bev, then Tracey….they also looked after Jo Ann….who is not diabetic, but like me she IS olde. Anyway, we hadn’t had them cropped since late August methinks, and I hadn’t got around to/bothered with seeing if a similar program existed in Brantford. So here I was asking the young lady in VIP ”do you cut old peoples toenails”? I immediately felt dumb/stupid, as the man and wife occupying two of the large, elevated chairs were clearly ‘in my age bracket’….and they both gave me a polite/acknowledging smile. So, to the young lady, I said, “How much?” “Ten dollars.” “How soon?” ”Twenty minutes.” “Bingo!” ”Pardon me?” ”I’ll be right back.” So….SO….I zipped half a block up the street into Zehr’s Market, did a quick grocery shop, and twenty minutes later I was a V.I.P.! ….’walking on a cloud’ and making a 1:00 PM appointment for Miz. Jo! At approximately 1:08 she was also a V.I.P.! (*see below) Imagine! And imagine getting that excited about getting your toenails cut??!! Well, we’ve been getting our nails cut for about 7 or 8 years now….basically, because we can’t…. so now we’re V.I.P.’s and ‘walking on a cloud’.

Last Tuesday….
….was a BIG day….indeed….for a couple oldsters. As well as the aforementioned toenail trim (*see above) and grocery shop at Zehr’s Market, which has likely become my ‘most favourite place’ in the Telephone City, we also were into the TD Bank (in the same mall as Zehr’s) to order cheques with our new address on them and completing other address changes for mailing out my account statements….’real high finance stuff for me/us’ Rotzy quipped to the polite young fellow who looked after us. The next order of business wasn’t ‘business’ at all. I drove over to the Wayne Gretzky Centre over on North Park St….not to be confused with Park Road North (which we live on) or the Wayne Gretzky Parkway, which is also a ‘north-south’ route…. to show Miz. Jo the statue of a ‘larger than life’ Wayne hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head as an Edmonton Oiler. The bronze likeness of a young Wayne, as well as that of his Mom, Dad and kid brother looking on, are quite amazing….I know not when it was erected, but it’s the first tyme we’d seen it. Anyway, as we were checking out the overall size of the centre and its’ numerous buildings that house swimming, hockey, fitness facilities and cetera, we noticed a football team wearing orange and green outfits coming out onto a snow-covered, artificial turf field, obviously to warm up for a game.(*see below) Then their opponents came out of another dressing room with white uniforms/green numbers and shiny gold helmets….like Notre Dame. I knew the green and orange to be North Park Collegiate from my high school days at PJ and we played against them. Some blanket-toting fans who were going walked by us and told us the gold helmets were from Welland…Notre Dame H.S. I decided to watch the game….or the first half anyway, so I took Jo Ann and the groceries home, pulled a vest over my coat and got back in tyme for the kick-off. Rather than sit in the stands I strolled up and down the field behind the benches. Been a LONG tyme since Rotzy patrolled the sidelines….between 1964 and 1978, and perhaps a few tymes in ’79 and ’80 to help out our sons High School coach. Anyway, last Tues I was (silently) pulling for NPC, the BTFD team….and they had a 14-0 lead when I packed it in at half-tyme….and checking it later North Park won 21-14 and will advance to the final….so Good Luck Trojans! I expect a few of them wondered ”who the hell is the old guy standing there”? Hey….just an old football coach enjoying a game!

Last Thursday….
….as well as being American Thanksgiving, was Start Your Own Country Day. Really….I’m not kidding. I heard it from the early morning man on CKPC 92.1 F/M. I didn’t catch how one goes about it of whom one advises when you’ve picked/staked out your land but got to thinking that it would be pretty cool…. make your own laws and rules, of course you’d be your own King or Queen. Anyway, we’ve just sold our two properties up north, but I wondered what I/we would have called them…..Rotzania?….Rotzenburg?….Rotzyvania?…..or Rotzada? Maybe not.

*Thought Of The Day:  It costs $0.00 to be a decent person.


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