Oct 12 – Lockdown can go only 4 ways…

Vigilance, virtually, victory and vultures…Rotzy’s mid-fall ranting continues unabated. His rant, a gem, his griping, rich, his Lockdown comment, PRICELSS.

‘This Is IT”!….
….I said to my parking neighbour Fred (not his real name) last Sat aft, in response to the glorious sunshine beaming down on us with the temp sitting at about 20C….looking for more of the same today (Sun) and 22C…more of it tomorrow altho a tad ‘cooler’ at 17C. At Thanksgiving yet!! ”This is WHAT”? Ted shot back at me. ”C’mon man, the Indian Summer I’ve been telling you about/predicting for two weeks….it’s here”! Fred replied ”Well it sure is great”! Then, yours truly had a thought (imagine that!) and told Fred “Or maybe it’s not”. ”Not what”? ”Not INDIAN Summer….perhaps that word/term is offensive to some in 2020….I mean they’ve already changed Indian Affairs to Aboriginal Affairs. So just perhaps it’s now Aboriginal Summer”. Fred said “Or even Indigenous Summer”. Anyway, I’m hoping my olde friend Chief Sonny from Aroland F/N reads this and can let me know what’s what. As I recall he showed me how to tell/interpret I.S.T. (Indian Standard Time) almost 20 years ago…..as he pulled into the Geraldton Rec Centre for the first Mayors and Chiefs Ring Of Fire meeting, a ‘fashionable’ 20 minutes late. Anyway, these days everybody is SO paranoid about being called ‘racist’ it’s quite pathetic! And Rotzy is not really an exception….hell, I’ve even started sending money to Nigerian scammers!!

Readers Write
    This reader was ‘all over’ every aspect of Donald Trump’s recent hospitalization for testing COVID-positive, including his hastily arranged little ‘mini-motorcade drive around’ to see all of his near-rabid, flag waving fans, the all too quick doffing of his mask, and cetera. (that little ‘motorcade episode’ I thought would surely land Wolf and his CNN cronies in a padded room!!) The reader is also pushing for Trump to win the “F/N” QOTW (Quote Of The Week) as The President told America “Do NOT be afraid of COVID19”!! (*note* Rotzy is thinking that a somewhat ‘positive sounding’ method/message would surely be better than a ‘woe is me’ approach/delivery, BUT……….?!?!?!  With about 250,000 COVID-19 American dead at that tyme, Trump made a very poor choice of words. But good enough to win the “F/N” QOTW!! Having said that, methinks Donald’s nose was a tad outta joint at not having won the Nobel Peace Prize, which was handed (quite deservedly) to the World Food Bank. By the bye, the reader signed off with this nice little ‘barb’….*If stupid was sand, Donald Trump would be half the Sahara!*.

(More) Readers Write….
….on the lighter side of COVID. *I’m not adding this year to my age, I did not use it. *In 20 years when kids ask about the ‘2020 toilet paper shortage’, I’m telling them we had to drag our butts across the lawn. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways. *Lockdown can only go 4-ways. You’ll come out a monk, a hunk, a chunk or a drunk. Choose wisely! * Someone just used my driveway to turn around and now I’m standing outside with two open beers and a lonely face. Thanks folks, and keep ’em coming.

The “V” Words
Two of the three “V” words are being used these days like there’s no tomorrow. S–t! “Well Toad, that’s not a great choice of words there”! I said (to myself). The first one is *Vigilant*….which is what ”we must remain”!!! ALWAYS. And we are bombarded with this daily by the likes of Dr Tam, Dr. Fausci, Junior Trudeau, his Deputy P/M, Min Hajdu, Ford, Tory, and cetera as well as dozens and dozens of other Cdn politicians, even a few Americans….perhaps even Trump on a couple more serious occasions, tho I can’t be sure on that. The problem (in Cda) is that some geographic areas are more *Vigilant* than others. Some of us/them are not doing our/their job. As to the USA….and this is Rotzy’s opinion rather than some polls….there are too dang many *Vigilantes* not telling the masses to remain *Vigilant*….and unfortunately, Trump is on the list of *Vigilantes*…..WAAAAY up the list in fact! So things got messed up to the point where we’re not functioning well….in many cases not functioning at all. In a LOT of various areas. So….SO….how to we do things? Things that need to get done? We do them in a *Virtual* fashion, that’s what we do!….from a rock concert to an opera, and everything in between….we/they can do ANYTHING we want to do *Virtually*. Do tell???!!! Wanna bet?! Hah! If you get a feeling Rotzy isn’t a BIG fan of *Virtual* you’re right on the mark. OK, OK, OK….nuff’ said, nearing the end of my ‘rant’. Bottom line is that the third “V” word….*Victory*….gets next to zero TV/radio airplay or ink is because we/they are not being *Vigilant* enough. And *Virtual* isn’t reality. Just like about 97% of ‘reality TV’ isn’t ‘real’….or even close to it! Add Dr Phil and WWE to that list, altho Jeopardy IS real!

I Wrote An Item….
….here a couple weeks back about the buzzards (vultures) here at Skyline Living’s 555 Harris Place compound, and how, with 75% of the residents being oldsters the vultures presence could conjure up some potentially bad thoughts as to our future. Well, as I strolled across the parking lot yesterday enroute to Norm The Truck, I ‘felt’ something overhead…like I wasn’t alone, know what I mean? I looked up into the deep blue, cloudless sky, and there they were! Buzzards! FIFTEEN of them, 50-75 ft above the ground….and circling….me!! Actually, they are wonderful flyers, with an 8 ft wingspan, tho they seldom flap them as they glide on the warm air currents. Well why did they have to arrive just when I showed up I wondered aloud. But their group is always soundless, unlike a flock of geese on their way to dine in a newly cut corn field and their constant/non-stop back-and-forths. So….SO….Rotzy just ‘flipped the bird’ at Buzz and his pals and politely (or not) ‘suggested’ they find another spot. After my coffee, a couple puffs and two chapters in my newest book, I headed back across the lot, glanced up and 7 or 8 of them remained…hence I flipped another bird at ’em, then it occurred to me I’ll just ‘wait them out’….surely to hell they head southbound when it gets cold….so stay tuned.

    By the bye, ‘A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Jo Ann and Rotzy….turkey and all the trimmings today (Sun) here in unit #303!! And I/we have all the confidence in the readership that if y’all look long/hard enough, you WILL find SOMETHING to be thankful for !!!

*Thought Of The Day…I hate it when people act all intellectual and stuff, and talk about Mozart when they’ve never even seen one of his paintings…..

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