Oct 21 – Indian summer, hooray!

Rotzy grumbles…might be time for warmer apparel  but warmer fall weather still permits wearing summer attire…

It’s Been Five Months….
….(and still counting) since this olde guy has been seen in anything but shorts, t-shirts and crocs with no sox….tho Miz. Jo ordered me to wear one for two days last week as I stubbed the nail belonging to the second oldest toe on my right foot and triggered a dandy bleed-out, whilst gathering some tall grasses and other fall decorations for our balcony. (*by the bye, my footwear of choice are not the real Crocs(*tm) as those are beyond my means financially, hence I get mine at the Dollar Store next to Zehr’s for $4 bucks a pair!) Anyway, we had a pretty serious frost last night here in Brant’s Ford and daytyme ‘highs’ have been struggling to reach 10C this past week, so I admit to giving my Levi*tm jeans and long-steeve sweatshirts some thought. And yes, even some ‘more conventional’ footwear and white athletic sox. However, according to the news guy on The Grand….92.9FM….at 7:00am this ayem called for sunshine and 15C today….ditto for tomorrow with 18C….yes, he DID say 18C!!!….and 16C for Monday! So, ‘shorts, crocs and no sox’ rules!! Still! Of course, I’ve been getting some ‘looks’ as well as the odd comment here at 555 Harris Place with our recent ‘cool spell’ from most fellow oldsters. and I’m no doubt the topic of conversations when the olde biddies (female and male) huddle together. Actually a male biddie (and friend) asked me last week if I remember where my ‘warmer clothing’ is? You know what? To be truthful, I’m not so sure I do. Remember. Guess I better do some drawer digging….they gotta be somewhere in the bedroom….and I’m gonna get right tuit when it gets cold. Then again, a fellow I was riding down on the elevator with yesterday pointed out that we still have Indigenous Summer to look forward to. Miigwetch!!!

In Respect To….
….a request (orders?) from the Number One Proof Reader here at “F/N” HQ, there has been nothing at all mentioned about Road Rage here in this space for what Rotzy would guess is a month or more. I’ve pretty much kept the lid on the topic….in fact I’ve avoided it completely, truth be known. Well, I’m afraid the proverbial bubble’s gonna burst today, I would expect much to the chagrin of Miz. Jo. But perhaps not. I’ll ‘splain. It took place last Tuesday or Wednesday in Zehr’s parking lot….the one at West St and Fairview, where, simply because it’s a BUSY lot, a number of my previous Road Rage incidents have taken place on the lot itself and the entrance/exit….which can be tricky if people don’t use their signals. However, the big difference this tyme was that Rotzy was the Rager rather than the Ragee….and I pretty well ‘came undone’ on the other driver, who appeared in my rear view/sideview mirrors as nothing more than a ‘silver/gray streak’. I’ll set it up for you….I’m backing out of my spot (the ONLY way out) in Norm The Truck, between a full size cargo van and a big black Dodge Ram pickup. *Norm isn’t equipped with a periscope, meaning I can’t see what’s coming until I’m more than half way out, and Norm and yours truly are moving at about .00023 k/hr….in other words barely moving. Of course relying on ‘the other guy/gal’ to see us, stop their vehicle, and let us safely finish our objective. It is NOT rocket science. Unless a silver/gray streak shows up….following a sharp ‘gonna get your attention’ horn blast….and I was amazed we didn’t collide. Anyway, as I’ve said I never use Norm’s horn, so I was too slow to return the compliment, but for some reason instead of my usual polite remark “have a wonderful day sir/mam” I went into a 4 or 5 second barrage that ‘wasn’t very nice’. maybe kinda like what a CFL running back wearing a microphone might blurt out after scoring a TD!? Then came a feeling of major embarrassment as I notice a guy sitting in his car across from me kindly waving for me to finish my departure in front of him….not sure but methinks he was smiling as well. DOH!! I wonder if maybe he enjoyed my verbal barrage? As I looked back on it when my mind returned to something close to its normal state….whatever that is….I expect from now on I’ll go back to ”have a wonderful day” as it would appear there are already plenty of over-aggressive drivers all around us, who, when it comes right down to it, don’t have a clue. And that, along with very BAD manners, is a volatile combination. To quote a long tyme reader….”Stay Safe”.

Readers Write
And this one had/has some really interesting thoughts on telephones….check it out: *Hard to believe I once had a phone attached to a wall. When it rang I’d pick it up without knowing who was calling! Amazing I’m still alive!!

*Remember when you used to be able to call a person twenty of thirty tymes, and hang up, and they never knew it was you??!!

*When young people tell me about their problems, I like to tell them about that tyme I survived without my cell phone AND the internet for FORTY years! Imagine!!

When We Moved Into Unit 303….
….here at 555 Harris Place a year ago, Miz Jo And yours truly agreed that Fridays would be ‘Order In/Take Out Nite’, and we’ve stuck to it….from pizza to Chinese food and everything in between. Hence, last Friday was a no-brainer as Harris Place Social Club held its’ Annual Chili Con Carne Dinner, with more than a dozen ‘chefs’ all looking to win bragging rights for Best Chili. Whilst getting our take-out orders ready to go….as well as one for a friend/neighbour down the hall from us….Jo Ann and I heard some concerns about a drop in the number of diners for 2019. Well, other than a few folks who went to the Ti-Cat Game I know not what the problem was. Certainly wasn’t the chili, which was A-1….tho Rotzy wasn’t able to pick a winner as I ‘combined’ two different bowl-fulls. Next Saturday, Skyline Living….our kindly landlord…is hosting a Halloween Event, which I assume will be a party, with costumes, snacks, coffee, tea, pop and cetera. I’m guessing it’s OK to BYOB….as long as we’re ‘discreet’ about it. Apparently Rotzy wasn’t ‘discreet enough’ at their Canada Day BBQ, altho I behaved like a perfect gentleman, but we don’t have a Hallow’s Eve costume….perhaps we’ll take a pass on this one.

*Thought Of The Day…Don’t be so humble—you are not that great.   (Golda Meir)

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