From NAKINA...: Oct. 21

The olde folks are adapting to life in the cosmopolitan southern climes. Rotzy builds up his “awesome” steam as he speeds along the roadway. Then read how he goes ballistic with the parole hearing for a convicted murderer.

And, Rotzy makes cole slaw too! We are going to ask for his recipe for our site visitors, and our Rotzy readers.

Last Week….
….yours truly was making reference to ”being neighbourly” as to becoming part and parcel of this (new to us) ‘community’, and in particular, our building….aka Harris Place….and up to now, it’s been a piece of cake. Firstly, there was/is the Cute Pet Photo Contest which we became involved in by entering a pic of our pet fox Helen Reddy, taken back in 2001….there were 21 entries(!) and methinks the winner will be named next week. Last Thurs afternoon we attended a fitness program, a brand new/first tyme thing that looks like it will be fun, and beneficial too as it involves stuff like ‘balance’ and ‘preventing falls’, etc. (Rotzy knows all about falls!) Later, Thurs was another first tyme event, the Harris Place Social Club’s Chili Con Carne Dinner, which brought to mind the annual Chili Cook-Off in Nakina on Canada Day. Miz. Jo spoke about it on Facebook* and the incredible number of slow-cookers being carried in (all of ’em by oldsters)….every flavour I’ve ever heard of and a bunch that were brand new to me/us. I’m guessing 15 varieties, but that may be low. And, ‘all the trimmings’ too….which included a BIG bowl of Rotzy’s Famous Coleslaw. The lady from the Social Club who returned the MT bowl to Unit 303 about 7:30 indicated ”it went over really well!” Bingo! I guess Branch #116’s ‘loss’ is Harris Place’s ‘gain’. Apparently, another event/dinner is planned for Halloween.

‘Getting Used To’….
….has become a regular item in this space, planned or not, of stuff that pretty much is normal day-to-day routine for most others in and around Brantford….as in ‘taking for granted’….but not so for two oldsters who’ve been living in the bush for nearly 20 years. This week it’s the steady/non-stop beep-beep, honk-honk, toot-toot in any and all parking lots from people locking their vehicles…a practice seldom, if ever, used in Nakina. Certainly not by this olde guy, but I’m catching on pretty good down here.

….just might become a ‘regular/weekly item’ here in “From Nakina”, in reference to Rotzy’s reactions/over-reactions to what others, young and olde, likely perceive to be as everyday/run-of-the-mill stuff. Like the Speed Limit sign on West St in a 50 km/h zone. If you’re doing 53 or 54 km/h (and I WAS!), your actual driving speed flashes on and off, and it says ‘Slow Down’ at the bottom. Well I’m not dumb, nor do I want to break the law, so I DID. Slow down that is….to 48 km/h….and the bottom of the sign then read ‘Thank You’. IMAGINE!!! I’m sure I/we will come up with something just as amazing next week! Stay tuned.

Cheap Gas And Smokes
Made two trips out to The Rez…to K/T’s Gasoline/Tobacco/Convenience at Onondaga on Highway 54 near Chiefswood, the home of famous Indian poetess Pauline Johnson, for whom my high school was named. The first trip was on a Sat to fill up Norm The Truck and grab a carton of smokes. Firstly, Hwy 54 has changed big tyme….a great stretch of 2/lane road, running through some beautiful farmland….and so has the volume of traffic!! I’m guessing 3 or 4 vehicles of every 5 are going to K/T’s….or The Oasis next door….both of which are top-notch/state of the art retail facilities! I couldn’t guess their $ intake in a day?! All of the employees appear to be Native and go about their work politely and with a lot of hustle. As to the prices….$1.11 a litre for gas (.94 cents for Natives) and cigarettes were/are half of what I’d been paying. Well, I still had to fill Edna, Jo Ann’s Chevy Equinox, which I did last Wed….for $1.08 a litre!….AND without all the traffic! Imagine!!!

Voting And Stuff
Went down to Btfd City Hall last week and got the necessary paperwork to vote in the October 22nd Municipal Election….jeez, that’s tomorrow!! Best I talk with a couple friends as to whose names I could/should mark my ‘X’ beside. I’ve never played down the democratic right to vote, and we’ll of course be keeping a close eye on Greenstone’s results altho many will be acclaimed up there, it’s just the opposite in The Telephone City. Congrats to all who ‘threw their hat in the ring’!

Say What???
I can’t be exactly sure, but I’m sure it’s safe to say I spiked a significant hike in my blood pressure last week at the announcement on the news that Paul Bernardo was hoping to land some sort of parole from the board! I was sure his life sentence said ‘no parole’….EVER. Wrong. It seems it read ‘no parole for 25 years’. Not that it matters, but yours truly has a couple issues with with him and his parole ploy. First one is that he is still alive. The second is that he would dare subject his victims/victims’ families to a parole hearing, after all they have been through/are still dealing with. I’ve said from the get-go, he should be taken from PC/SC (Protective Custody/Solitary Confinement) and put into the G/P (General Population). I’ve read that ‘Prison Justice’ works very quickly and effectively when dealing with scum like Paul Bernardo. I’d better not go into Ms Homolka ‘ratting him out’ so that she could ‘walk’ or Rotzy’s BP will go up even more. Anyway, sanity prevailed in Bernardo’s ‘parole denied’ decision. ‘Nuff said.

*Thought Of The Day:…I might wake up early and go running. I also might wake up and win the lottery. Odds are about the same, huh?

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