Are you accepting these SHOCKING HYDRO RATES



They’re overcharging us!
It’s time for a reVOLT !___

Want to know how to reduce their monthly hydro bill  by at least 70% without any conservation measures???

Option 1:
Move to Quebec!

Based on a monthly use of 1000 kW the average bill for an
Ontario resident  is $226.03! In Quebec for the same number of kilowatts, the average bill  is  $67.89? That’s 70% lower than Ontario.


Don’t speak French?? Go to

Option 2:
Move to British Columbia!

The average monthly hydro bill for 1000 kW is $89.12 that’s 61% lower than Ontario.

Don’t want to move so far??? Go to option

Option 3:
Move to Manitoba!

English spoken there, it’s closer and the average hydro bill for 1000 kW is $81.09 which is 64% lower than Ontario.


This huge price disparity is due to badly mismanaged and misguided energy policies of the present Provincial government which wants to be remembered as the GREEN Government and feel good about themselves, all the while rewarding their friends and foreign investors with your money.


And this is only the beginning, the Provincial Government has stated there are lots more rate hikes to come. These high energy costs are one of the main reason that Ontario’s industry can’t compete and good paying jobs are leaving our province.

So just remember this when Kathleen Wynne wants you to re-elect her and her band of merry bandits.

Amazing how quickly our friend McGuinty disappeared from the radar! He should be in jail for his mismanagement!

Together let’s begin working toward getting honesty and integrity back into our representative government. Complete the form below to join the movement to work on developing more honest representation at Queen’s Park.

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