P.E.C. – ahead of much of Canada on support for seniors

Prince Edward County, a rural area about an hour and a half east of Toronto , may be one of the most picturesque regions in Ontario. It may also be one of the most caring regions with extensive support the seniors living in the county. This has been descibed in the RTO-ERO (Retired Teachers of Ontario) Renaissance magazine. The article explains how Prince Edward County supports its seniors using 5 different municipal departments from firefighters to library. Here is the article:

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October is “Loneliness Awareness,” month where RTO-ERO is encouraging everyone to become engaged with seniors, to become aware that some live in isolation and need social engagment and support.

Senior services
RTO-ERO is offering a series of challenges to help increase more awareness of the need for seniors support. The organization urges people to learn about services in their community by Googling the words “age-friendly” or “support for seniors, ” and naming the municipality in which they reside.

Canada 211
Canada 211 is another support service available in most provinces. It’s a database of community services. Go to your province’s site at Canada 211.ca or ph: 1-877-330-3213 .

Talk to others who you know are caring for someone who is aging about the supports they use and what they are struggling with.

If you learn something new about a service that’s available in your community, share it with others. Post what you have learned to social media, send an email to friends who may be interested, or tell someone who might benefit from the information. You can also send it to us at this website directing you email to richardszpin@gmail.com

Source: Renaissance magazine, RTO-ERO.org

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